Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, November 1, 2010

Different Cultures...Different Challenges

Hiya Hiya!!

Wow, wow, another week... Things are going so well here in Wythenshawe!

First off, That letter I got about Frank or I guess "Phrank".. was the greatest thing in the world! haha! It was like Superbowl Sunday in our flat when we saw the letter he wrote... He's a champion! Someone ask if he is going to church! Is he liking it? Still reading all day everyday?! Dad, this is your chance to fellowship Facebook style! :) As well, let him know of course I will be calling him, the second I get home!

This week we received a golden young man by the name of Martin Murphy. The Stretford Elders had taught him the first lesson, then found out he is in our boundaries. So now Martin is ours. He is awesome, already like best friends after the second lesson. His lesson was in a restaurant, but nevertheless the spirit was strong as ever. So great!    

We had a wonderful third lesson with our investigator, Mike Lohman. The man that is a bit nervous about alot of things, but has continued to become more comfortable. It has to do with a huge part of the members reaching out to him. He already has best friends in the ward. Fellowshipping is so key!

But during the lesson he continued to see his questions answered. He even made a comment after we read a scripture to him, saying, "Wow, that answered my question, right to the point" in his proper Yorkshire accent. 

It was awesome to see him receive answers from the scriptures.  I know that has helped him a lot, to want to study and learn more. Nearing the end of the lesson, when the spirit was at its peak, we extended a baptismal date. First Mike hesitated, but as we left him to silence, you could just see the spirit work on him, and ultimately give an emphatic "Yes, yes I will." 

Silence has been one of my favorite "tools" as a missionary.  It works for me and for all that we teach.  When I am asked a question, if I just sit back and wait in silence, its amazing what the spirit can teach, and whisper to me to give what is to be "meted unto every man". Again and again I see the spirit work.  In my life, and in the life of our investigators!

Mike then came to church for the second time and he loved it! He kept going on how he was so used to just sitting and being taught. But in our church he gets to participate in the Gospel Principles class and such. And participate he did! Always raising his hand to read.

I am loving the different cultures I encounter here in England!  So many different backgrounds, cultures, and personalities.  But with that also comes some challenges. 

One case we had this week, we were teaching a Chinese lady by the name of Lucy.  She spoke some good English, but definitely did not have a depth of "gospel" language. Elder Moss and I had to teach simply, and with much clarity, using symbols and pictures.  It made us stretch and be creative.  But in the end it all worked out well, with her accepting a baptismal date! 

Examples like Lucy have made me really work on "adjusting to the needs of the investigator." Which I believe has been strengthened because of the diversity here in Wythenshawe. So great!

One of my favorite scriptures that I have come across this week is Alma 29:9, well the entire chapter ties in so well to missionary work... Alma desires to be "an instrument in the Lord's hand" Something that I strive for as well. And I know that continuing to "treasure up" the words of our prophets I can be a sharp tool in the Lords hands. I know that we all can!

To help others see the blessings that are poured out from this gospel, Heavenly Father wants to bless, and guide us! We just have to do our part.  Be obedient and continue on the straight and narrow. Prayer is so real. I continue to be strengthened from its power! It's an open line to all...a way to comfort, and answers that lead to true happiness. I love sharing what I know daily and will continue to do so with all my might, mind and strength!


Elder Eliason

P.S. My next email will be next Wednesday because transfers are on that day.

This is Jack our "angel" that we see almost daily at 8:55 pm on his way home from work in Picadilly, some 30 miles away... and he rides his bike for all of it!


  1. Elder Eli! I love reading your sound like a true champion. Now...about your Rangers...don't let their loss to my Giants get you down...chin up! :^)

    Can't believe they made it to the World Series two months after we moved!!

  2. this is frank bosompem once again elder moss and elder eliason. i thank you all for the teaching me the way, in fact it has helped me a lot. i am still reading the BOOK OF MORMON an d wll complete the whole book in next week. i got your message through your father, elder eliason and i am waiting for it. i guess you guys are all well in the name of the Lord. i have been going to church and yet to be introduced. Things had not been easy since i came and i am trying hard to overcome it. God richly bless you all for the time you spent with me during my days in the uk it was really a blessing. Igreat you all and Pray that God, the Father will protect you and the entire church and continue through you all to win souls for Christ Jesus. God bless you.

    Phrank Bosompem kwame