Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome Elder Corbin!

Elder Corbin from Murrieta, California
Boda-dahh from Wales!

What a week it has been here! A lot of exciting things...

The story starts on Thursday morning just before personal study. I got a call from President Bullock. The first thing he said was, "Elder Eliason, I am about to flip your world upside down." I didn't know what to think. I thought they might need my Chinese speaking skills in the Hong Kong mission or something... But in all reality, he told me I would be training a new missionary! He said that three new missionaries had just arrived from Provo and I was to train one of them. He told me that I had to be in Manchester the next morning at 9:30.

Well that wasn't the easiest thing, knowing we are a ways from there. So Elder Tellem and I took a train to Birkenhead and stayed the night with the Elders there. Then in the morning Elder Ashcraft and I headed to Manchester to pick up our new missionaries (which you probably knew about with all the train tickets we had to buy). We then spent most of the day at the mission home going through trainings and waiting for the new ones to go through a little orientation with President. President Bullock then interviewed them and then assigned companions! 

My new "son" is Elder Corbin from Murrieta, California! He is settling in very well here in the bless-ed land of Rhyl. Our first full day included a lot of finding, which gave him a lot of time to practice QGCing (Quality Gospel Conversation). I can't tell you how much desire he has! He just wants to get to work! On the train ride home, he was speaking to people, and now is already running people down.

As the companionship goes we will all stay together this transfer. That now makes half of my mission as a threesome, unreal..haha. It really has been such a great thing! And now with three here in Rhyl the people on the streets wont know what to do! Big things happening here in Rhyl! Since this is such a short transfer President informed me that Elder Corbin and I will be here for another transfer. So it looks like a guaranteed 6 more weeks in Wales.

We saw a miracle this week while traveling on train to stay the night in Birkenhead. I QGC'd a young Chinese student on the train, and found out he attended Liverpool University, the University I spent a lot of time at these past months. After talking for 5 or 6 minutes he accepted to be taught on the train. So we said an opening prayer and began! With it being a 30 minute ride we were able to teach him all of the Restoration.  He was so positive and accepting of our message, while also accepting baptism! On a train! It was such a testimony builder for me on "Forever Finding."  Talking to everyone opens up many more doors than it would to wait and talk to people when its "convenient."
This week we have been blessed with many "on the spot" lessons, which is where we will QGC someone and simply ask, "Do you have 10 minutes right now that we could share this with you?" Many have taken to that invitation and have accepted to be taught. I'm grateful for tools such as Preach My Gospel which helps us get the material down so well that we can teach an array of info in just a couple of minutes, and from that see them accept baptism! 
I am excited for what the rest of the transfer has in store!
Love You ALL!
Elder Cody Eliason

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rhyl: Lovable People and Warm Atmosphere

Hello dear family!

It's been a great past couple of days here in the new place. The views in this area are amazing! We are just minutes away from green hills that overlook the ocean. It's crazy the different places I have been: the outskirts of Manchester, heart of Liverpool, now the hills/seaside of Wales. Beautiful!

The ward here is a lot smaller than my last two, but still has the same "feeling"... Lovable people and a warm atmosphere. After giving my testimony in Sacrament Meeting yesterday, about the entire ward came up and asked me where my last name originates. They all were so intrigued it was hilarious. They guessed "Scandinavian" or Swedish/Danish/Norwegian... and that's what I told them. That is right, right?

We have a small teaching pool here in Rhyl and it is a lot different than Liverpool. I think in Liverpool I tracted only 3 times. We were always teaching or street contacting. Here we have to tract everyday, which is great. I love the change and the "challenge." It's difficult but we all know "The pursuit of the difficult makes men strong." THE great Mitt Romney said that. Now is the best time to put that into practice!

I am now reading through Doctrine and Covenants and came upon a great verse that I have applied to my change to Rhyl. D&C 9:6 "Do not murmur my son, for it is wisdom in me that I have dealt with you after this manner."

I take that to mean that I must accept the change. Understand that it is God's will and then go and do! He knows the "bigger picture" and it is for the best. Now it's up to me to find out why I am here, what it is He wants me to learn, and who does He want me to find and teach. That is the motivation I take with me each morning!  To find the one He wants me to find. 

We had a great miracle unravel over the past couple of days. While coming home from District Leader Council, Elder Tellem and I remembered a member telling us about a town they wanted us to try out. So instead of getting off at the "Rhyl" stop we stayed on until we reached Abergele. We jumped off and started street contacting. We walked up to a young lady named Kirsty and talked about families. She was asking such great questions that we were able to answer and ended up setting up an appointment. We ended up driving all the way back to Abergele last night to teach her. 

And the lesson was amazing! She was glued in and understood all that was taught. She accepted baptism and a date with such conviction and ease! We also brought a fellowshipper who is single with kids (Kirsty too is in the same situation). His testimony of how he has been strengthened through the gospel made everything flow into the "perfect lesson," not because of us but because of the prepared and willing person she was. 

I know that we were led to meet her! To stay on the train for one more stop. I also know that inspiration from ward leaders is also very real. We followed the spirit and the inspiration of a leader and were part of a miracle.

So many things going on in the world and we are here in Rhyl finding and teaching. It is the greatest thing. We've got one thing on our minds: to invite others to come unto Christ. I love it!

So many exciting things coming up!

-Suitcoats come off April 1st
-General Conference--it's like a training session times 30!
-Warmer weather!

Love you all!

Elder Eliason

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hello Rhyl, Wales!

Hello from Welsh country!

I have arrived in the land they call Rhyl, which is in Wales!  

My new companion is Elder Tellem! He is from Cardiff, which is in Southern Wales. He is on his 3rd transfer and is such a great missionary. He is a convert to the church of years and is the only member of his family. What an inspiration he is! 

I have also been called to be a district leader of some other areas here in Wales, exciting times..

Our flat is located just about 100 yards from the beach. We went running along there this morning... no big deal. 

Going from the heart of Liverpool to a Welsh town is a huge change, but at the same time it's a great opportunity with new challenges and things to learn! Lets get it!

To wrap up Liverpool...

Du Xin is getting there, he has had some hiccups with the Word of Wisdom, and understanding who God is. But he is set to continue and will be baptized soon enough!

Xiau Zhu is on fire and loving everything we taught him. He has such good desires and an openess to continue to grow. I am excited for his future! Such a pro! Should be baptized in a week or two, I'll keep you posted!

Nicole is doing very well other than the Word of Wisdom. She continues to pray about it. Chinese girls are always the hardest!  But things are looking up...

In all, I loved my time in Liverpool! Elder Eggers, Jin, Fawcett and I saw so many great things! It tears my heart out leaving that blessed land, but the Lord needs me elsewhere. So its go time in Rhyl!

That's all I've got time for the rest are pictures!! 

P.S: Dad, I was Evil Kinevil for Wax Museum... Classic. I still remember the start of my lines.. :5..4..3..2..1 and I was off to set a new record for.... 

New address;

3 Glendower Ct.
LL18 3SG
North Wales

The greatest pic of the year. This sums up our companionship. It's our "Band" pic. Call us "Chinese Take-Out"

Elder Jin...LEGEND

Chinese that we have taught.. Zhu and Horan are RC.. Horan in white.

Xiao Zhu/ Todd!

Our district plus Zone Leaders

Transfer Predictions...our "March Madness"


Chinese students that we have taught.. Zhu and Horan are RC...Horan in white.

Last time with the Buds...

Du Xin!

Fionas house...

The Chinese people are amazing!

FIONA! a recent convert...hilarious and future missionary!

Soom a recent convert

Sam Perries house. Many meals here. WONDERFUL members...

Elder Tellem!

This is what Wales is all about! Two languages!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Last Week in Liverpool!



Hello,  Hello!
What a week here in Liverpool! 
As you can see from the pictures we had our Megwatzi (American Food Party) get together this past Saturday. Not as many showed up as we expected but it sure was worth having. Everyone in the picture to the left of Elder Eggers (middle of picture) is a convert. (from R to L)-Eric Soom Hoaran. Everyone to the right of him are investigators...from (L to R) Xiou Zhu (Todd), Gillian and Regina. And yep, we gave out prizes. The best one indeed was the Texas flag! We cooked tacos and they brought the Chinese food. It was like a mix of Taco Bell and Panda Express. I dont know what could be better!
We also had an amzing week at Sacrament Meeting. We were blessed with 4 people attending: Xiou Zhu, Nicole (finally), Du Xin, and Patrick (an Indian that we have taught once). It was the greatest day to come.  Elder Jin and I taught the Gospel Principles class, half Chinese/ half English on the symbolism of the Sacrament. And then we had a great testimony meeting to end it all (In Liverpool we end with Sacrament Meeting). All four that came loved it, mainly because the fellowshipping of the Liverpool ward is top notch. They all flock to the investigators and welcome them in.
Update on Du Xin:
Du Xin came to church yesterday but it was only to the last part.  He is struggling to find time to make it to all 3 and that is worrying us a bit. He also didn't seem as interested as he usually is during church.  We are having a lesson on Tuesday, and we are going to be pretty bold with him.  He is such a good friend but he needs to understand church isn't just a social gathering.. and the magnitude of the gospel.  We don't want him making sacred covenants and then walking away from it all when we get transferred or he heads back to China..The lesson should prove to see if he is ready for his date on the 19th. 
Update on Xiou Zhu (Todd) :
Xiou Zhu is the first person I have met with the name Todd. And he happens to be Chinese.. so great.  He goes by Xiou Zhu but it still counts...Xiou Zhu is doing amazing! We had such a good lesson with him this past week. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he was fascinated. He understood it all and the implications that it brings. We followed up on his prayers and he told us that he prayed about the Book of Mormon. He then went into great detail about the answer he received. He kept using the would "fell" I could just "feel" that is was true. He is such a stud! He just gets it! He understands all that we teach him and is proactive to all the commitments we leave him with...going bigger and better.  He even went out and bought a shimmer silver suit, and bright brown shoes for church, haha. He looks so English. I cant stop talking about him, he's just a stud!
Update on Nicole:
She finally came to church! And she loved it! We called her at 9:00 and woke her up, she came and especially loved the "Sacrament" lesson we taught. Elder Eggers was a star answering all questions she had, and even translated five of the testimonies given. I love having the bi-lingual companions!  She is doing well, Im excited to see her tonight!
Speaking of the bi-lingual factor. It has been the greatest thing to serve with Elder Jin. We are from completely different backgrounds and cultures yet we get along so well. I have learned so much from him and will remember my two transfers with him for a long time.
By the way...I have picked up a thing for reading while I have been out, which we all know is not my forte. I am 506 pages through the Book of Mormon, and 140 pages deep into Jesus the Christ. I am so grateful for the time that I have to focus on such things.
Our WML (Ward Mission Leader) gave a great lesson on the "Restoration" yesterday that stuck with me. I have taught it probably 200 times but every time I hear or teach it I'm amazed. I know growing up I took for granted the blessing  to be living in this dispensation--the time of the restoration of the fullness of the gospel.  To be apart of the "marvelous work and a wonder" spoken about by Isaiah, a prophet of God. This is real, and we are blessed to have what we have. A prophet, 12 apostles, the Book of Mormon. I can't even comprehend the magnitude of the message that we share. It's something that I love sharing with others!  It brings peace to people that the world doesn't understand or can comprehend.
This week ended well with a miracle we saw last night. We had a scheduled appointment to meet at the Library. After waiting we soon realized it had fallen through. We then headed to a street to tract. On our way we street contacted two Chinese girls, Ting and Wendy. They let us teach them on the spot and after a 15 minute lesson even accepted baptism. With that spiritual high, we headed to try by a P.I..

He too fell through, and again while walking we contacted this time an Indian man in an upstairs window. He was interested and let us in to teach him. This was a witness to me that the Lord is guiding this work. People are placed in our paths, He is in control.With that said, we still must do the contacting, we must run across the street to stop them, we must talk to people in windows---all to find who it is the Lord has placed in our path.  I'm grateful for the "forever finding" attitude this mission has!
Last Monday we headed to China Town and shopped for some new Chinese food. It was worth it, so we are headed back. And this time we are shopping for items for a "Hot Pot." Apparently it's something they do in China, Google it...It's also the celebration of our last P-Day together.
The picture with Elder Jin is China Town here in Liverpool.
The next time you will hear from me is next Wednesday because of transfers! Woo!
Elder Eliason