Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hello Rhyl, Wales!

Hello from Welsh country!

I have arrived in the land they call Rhyl, which is in Wales!  

My new companion is Elder Tellem! He is from Cardiff, which is in Southern Wales. He is on his 3rd transfer and is such a great missionary. He is a convert to the church of years and is the only member of his family. What an inspiration he is! 

I have also been called to be a district leader of some other areas here in Wales, exciting times..

Our flat is located just about 100 yards from the beach. We went running along there this morning... no big deal. 

Going from the heart of Liverpool to a Welsh town is a huge change, but at the same time it's a great opportunity with new challenges and things to learn! Lets get it!

To wrap up Liverpool...

Du Xin is getting there, he has had some hiccups with the Word of Wisdom, and understanding who God is. But he is set to continue and will be baptized soon enough!

Xiau Zhu is on fire and loving everything we taught him. He has such good desires and an openess to continue to grow. I am excited for his future! Such a pro! Should be baptized in a week or two, I'll keep you posted!

Nicole is doing very well other than the Word of Wisdom. She continues to pray about it. Chinese girls are always the hardest!  But things are looking up...

In all, I loved my time in Liverpool! Elder Eggers, Jin, Fawcett and I saw so many great things! It tears my heart out leaving that blessed land, but the Lord needs me elsewhere. So its go time in Rhyl!

That's all I've got time for the rest are pictures!! 

P.S: Dad, I was Evil Kinevil for Wax Museum... Classic. I still remember the start of my lines.. :5..4..3..2..1 and I was off to set a new record for.... 

New address;

3 Glendower Ct.
LL18 3SG
North Wales

The greatest pic of the year. This sums up our companionship. It's our "Band" pic. Call us "Chinese Take-Out"

Elder Jin...LEGEND

Chinese that we have taught.. Zhu and Horan are RC.. Horan in white.

Xiao Zhu/ Todd!

Our district plus Zone Leaders

Transfer Predictions...our "March Madness"


Chinese students that we have taught.. Zhu and Horan are RC...Horan in white.

Last time with the Buds...

Du Xin!

Fionas house...

The Chinese people are amazing!

FIONA! a recent convert...hilarious and future missionary!

Soom a recent convert

Sam Perries house. Many meals here. WONDERFUL members...

Elder Tellem!

This is what Wales is all about! Two languages!

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