Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rhyl: Lovable People and Warm Atmosphere

Hello dear family!

It's been a great past couple of days here in the new place. The views in this area are amazing! We are just minutes away from green hills that overlook the ocean. It's crazy the different places I have been: the outskirts of Manchester, heart of Liverpool, now the hills/seaside of Wales. Beautiful!

The ward here is a lot smaller than my last two, but still has the same "feeling"... Lovable people and a warm atmosphere. After giving my testimony in Sacrament Meeting yesterday, about the entire ward came up and asked me where my last name originates. They all were so intrigued it was hilarious. They guessed "Scandinavian" or Swedish/Danish/Norwegian... and that's what I told them. That is right, right?

We have a small teaching pool here in Rhyl and it is a lot different than Liverpool. I think in Liverpool I tracted only 3 times. We were always teaching or street contacting. Here we have to tract everyday, which is great. I love the change and the "challenge." It's difficult but we all know "The pursuit of the difficult makes men strong." THE great Mitt Romney said that. Now is the best time to put that into practice!

I am now reading through Doctrine and Covenants and came upon a great verse that I have applied to my change to Rhyl. D&C 9:6 "Do not murmur my son, for it is wisdom in me that I have dealt with you after this manner."

I take that to mean that I must accept the change. Understand that it is God's will and then go and do! He knows the "bigger picture" and it is for the best. Now it's up to me to find out why I am here, what it is He wants me to learn, and who does He want me to find and teach. That is the motivation I take with me each morning!  To find the one He wants me to find. 

We had a great miracle unravel over the past couple of days. While coming home from District Leader Council, Elder Tellem and I remembered a member telling us about a town they wanted us to try out. So instead of getting off at the "Rhyl" stop we stayed on until we reached Abergele. We jumped off and started street contacting. We walked up to a young lady named Kirsty and talked about families. She was asking such great questions that we were able to answer and ended up setting up an appointment. We ended up driving all the way back to Abergele last night to teach her. 

And the lesson was amazing! She was glued in and understood all that was taught. She accepted baptism and a date with such conviction and ease! We also brought a fellowshipper who is single with kids (Kirsty too is in the same situation). His testimony of how he has been strengthened through the gospel made everything flow into the "perfect lesson," not because of us but because of the prepared and willing person she was. 

I know that we were led to meet her! To stay on the train for one more stop. I also know that inspiration from ward leaders is also very real. We followed the spirit and the inspiration of a leader and were part of a miracle.

So many things going on in the world and we are here in Rhyl finding and teaching. It is the greatest thing. We've got one thing on our minds: to invite others to come unto Christ. I love it!

So many exciting things coming up!

-Suitcoats come off April 1st
-General Conference--it's like a training session times 30!
-Warmer weather!

Love you all!

Elder Eliason

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