Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome Elder Corbin!

Elder Corbin from Murrieta, California
Boda-dahh from Wales!

What a week it has been here! A lot of exciting things...

The story starts on Thursday morning just before personal study. I got a call from President Bullock. The first thing he said was, "Elder Eliason, I am about to flip your world upside down." I didn't know what to think. I thought they might need my Chinese speaking skills in the Hong Kong mission or something... But in all reality, he told me I would be training a new missionary! He said that three new missionaries had just arrived from Provo and I was to train one of them. He told me that I had to be in Manchester the next morning at 9:30.

Well that wasn't the easiest thing, knowing we are a ways from there. So Elder Tellem and I took a train to Birkenhead and stayed the night with the Elders there. Then in the morning Elder Ashcraft and I headed to Manchester to pick up our new missionaries (which you probably knew about with all the train tickets we had to buy). We then spent most of the day at the mission home going through trainings and waiting for the new ones to go through a little orientation with President. President Bullock then interviewed them and then assigned companions! 

My new "son" is Elder Corbin from Murrieta, California! He is settling in very well here in the bless-ed land of Rhyl. Our first full day included a lot of finding, which gave him a lot of time to practice QGCing (Quality Gospel Conversation). I can't tell you how much desire he has! He just wants to get to work! On the train ride home, he was speaking to people, and now is already running people down.

As the companionship goes we will all stay together this transfer. That now makes half of my mission as a threesome, unreal..haha. It really has been such a great thing! And now with three here in Rhyl the people on the streets wont know what to do! Big things happening here in Rhyl! Since this is such a short transfer President informed me that Elder Corbin and I will be here for another transfer. So it looks like a guaranteed 6 more weeks in Wales.

We saw a miracle this week while traveling on train to stay the night in Birkenhead. I QGC'd a young Chinese student on the train, and found out he attended Liverpool University, the University I spent a lot of time at these past months. After talking for 5 or 6 minutes he accepted to be taught on the train. So we said an opening prayer and began! With it being a 30 minute ride we were able to teach him all of the Restoration.  He was so positive and accepting of our message, while also accepting baptism! On a train! It was such a testimony builder for me on "Forever Finding."  Talking to everyone opens up many more doors than it would to wait and talk to people when its "convenient."
This week we have been blessed with many "on the spot" lessons, which is where we will QGC someone and simply ask, "Do you have 10 minutes right now that we could share this with you?" Many have taken to that invitation and have accepted to be taught. I'm grateful for tools such as Preach My Gospel which helps us get the material down so well that we can teach an array of info in just a couple of minutes, and from that see them accept baptism! 
I am excited for what the rest of the transfer has in store!
Love You ALL!
Elder Cody Eliason

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