Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, April 4, 2011

"The harder the area, the more I grow."

Hello, Hello!

No I didn't forget to write. We just haven't been able to email in the mornings because of a new "Elderly People Typing Class" that has begun at the Rhyl Library!

Weeks are still flying by and it is scaring me. Feels like a week ago me and Elder Cunningham were dressed in robes on Christmas day teaching newly arrived Elder Davis the ropes. Now he's 4 months out and I have my own new missionary...

This week was a great one with Kirsty, our "miracle train ride find." We saw her twice, once on Tuesday and again on Saturday. She has been showing her commitment by powering through the first chapters of 1 Nephi. On Tuesday we had a great lesson over the Plan of Salvation. It answered questions she had about before this life and the overall look out for what's to come after. But I think the most help of our lesson came from giving her an "Eternal Perspective." She's been divorced and now is raising two daughters,  she explained how she once had a strong faith, but has since withered away with the challenges in her life. We focused on points of how challenges shape us and make us stronger, and how we must keep the eternal spectrum in mind.

On Saturday we talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She loved how we started out talking about how faith is an "action" word, and how after we show action, we gain faith. It really motivated her to act and come to General Conference. We also helped her resolve some concerns with what "repentance" entails. She again accepted it well and felt "motivated" after the lesson. 

But as I said, she came to conference! Her and her kids. I don't know who was more excited the girls or Kirsty. We also had great ward involvement. One couple with the same aged kids invited her over for Tea (Dinner) later in the week, such a help! It also was a great session of conference she came to. It was the Saturday evening session where a lot of the talks were centered around families and teaching your kids by example, about faith. It was so great!

I love the differences that come with moving to new areas. Here we don't have as many investigators or as big a finding area, or even as big of a ward as Liverpool. This is the time where we get to be creative. The time that we get to really focus on relying on the Lord to place such people in our path. We are usually out finding or running around talking to people for 36 hours a week here. It is harder, but I love it! The farther the long toss, the harder I throw. The harder the area, the more I grow. Seems to work...

Elder Corbin continues to improve rapidly. He has seen much success in finding and that has seemed to boost his confidence. One of my favourite things about him is his love to "run." He loves it when we run back to the flat at night to make it in before 9:00. It shows he has a a great desire to be that obedient missionary. Elder Corbin is always looking for the next step and for more ways to learn. I love having him here in Rhyl! He also is quite the B-Ball player. Come July Sports Day, we are going to be the Dirk and Nash combo. Be on the look out for pics come that time...

I am grateful for conference and definitely was "spiritually fed." I am grateful for men called of God to give us such instruction. I was able to write down some questions I have had in my mind and to ultimately see them answered. Not by "the light switch" but as like the "rising of the sun"... bit by bit, as Elder Bednar explained. I loved the theme of the "Priesthood" during the Priesthood session. It really set in motion what is required of me as someone who has been given duties here in England. I am grateful for time that I have to spend in this service. I am learning and growing and seeing others learn and change. How great is this calling!

Elder Eliason 

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