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Cody portrait

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Elder Tellem Transferred... Drivers License Issues

Oh, Hiya! Ya' Right?

It has been another beautiful week here in sunny Rhyl, and somehow we are already at transfers!

Well the "news" goes as follows... Elder Tellem has been shipped off to Chorley to white-wash in with a good friend of mine Elder Birliba from Moldova. Elder Corbin and I will stay the same. As for my district, the sisters who were in Bangor, have been replaced by Chinese speaking Elders. One of them being Elder Eggers! It's a pretty funny situation they are in because they are white-washing into the area, and it is a car area.  Elder Eggers or Elder Tai definitely have no experiences with the stick shift. We'll see how this goes! hah!

Elder Corbin continues to do very well in his first few weeks. He is such a fearless missionary and is always asking for tips and ways to improve. One of his strengths continues to be his organization. His planner, desk, room are all crisp and always maintained. Such a strength in a young missionary. I'm already a seasoned vet in that aspect...have been before I came out, right mum?

This past week and a half has been a lot of finding, once again.  Our day usually consists of waking up at 6:30, study till 10:00, head out and talk to people till 12:00. Then head out for another 4 hours at 1. Then at night we usually will have an appointment or two. It has been a different experience than usual as I said before, but I am adapting and loving the new "style" this area brings.

Yesterday we taught a Chinese woman!  It brought back all the memories of Liverpool. We found her on Monday, and set up a time for yesterday. As Chinese people do, she was right on time and curious to what we were going to share. She is very good, and we are excited to see where it goes. The only problem is she is married to a Welsh man, and he seems to not be the biggest fan. We'll work on him!

Now on the Bad News front... I failed my Theory Test yesterday! By two questions...unreal. I almost didn't even get to take the test. In order to take the test you first must sign your name. We'll apparently I wasn't doing it right because the woman at the desk made me do it four different times then had me sit down. After everyone else had made it through she called me up again. This time saying, "You have two more chances to match the signature on your licence, If you don't match it up, you will forfeit your chance to take the test." Talk about pressure! So my first try?... False. I was down to my last shot. And then of course, I came through with the victory...haha. I don't know what she was going on about. It looked the same every single time.

So all in all it wasn't the best morning I've had, but I'll get another shot at it soon enough! 

This week I had a big study on "Unity." It really put into perspective how essential the doctrine of unity is. It's one of the basic units of the gospel. One of the most common concerns we get on the street is, "How can there be a god? Look at all the wars and troubles going on?" It's true, people have used their agency and in some cases this world can be torn apart by opinions, and prejudice. I've learned the only thing that can bring us all together is choosing "truth." Truth doesn't waiver, it is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And when people choose truth, the influence of the Holy Ghost is present. Then the fruits are shown and the evidence is seen. 

When Jesus Christ appeared to the Nephites
he gave them the authority and power to baptize. This so that there would be "no disputations" among them. I know that what we share is truth. It leads to real answers that give comfort and understanding. It brings families closer together and brings unity that is needed to stay strong in these days of adversity.


Elder Eliason

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