Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Work Rolls On

Hello Hello!!

The sun is now setting here at half 4, and is getting colder by the day.. but the works rolls on!

Everything is going well in Wythenshawe. Elder Cunningham and I are continuing to see blessing after blessing. The people are so great here!

Elder Cunningham is such an efficient missionary. Things get done, and they all get done in order. I love that about him. He has such a strong spirit about him as well, and is very good at teaching slowly and simply, which has been my goal since the beginning!

This past week we had Zone Conference. We had a scripture chase with all 200 England Manchester Mission scriptures. I was planning to be way behind the pack, but to my surprise I did pretty well. Who would of thought? haha. Studying the scriptures daily is paying off.

Investigators are doing great!  We had 19 lessons this past week. The most we've had!  Teaching, Teaching, Teaching!

Update on Martin:

We have taught him everything, and are just waiting for his new baptismal date of the 4th. Earlier in the week, he found a flat and will be moving in next week. It just goes to show his dedication to receive the blessings of baptism! He then said we should give his girlfriend, Nadia a call. So we did, and even set up an appointment.  She had so many questions---questions that we had answers to. She wondered why there we so many churches? We answered with the falling away after Jesus Christ. She then was like, "Great, so there's no priesthood on the earth, what do we do?" It was a perfect segue to the First Vision. She felt the spirit strongly and set up another lesson. We taught her again, and is progressing very smoothly. So exciting!


Mike is having a couple set backs with the Word of Wisdom. But is still as excited as ever to meet with us.  He shared with us, "It's just so great to have someone to speak about religion with. People now-a-days don't seem to like to talk openly about their beliefs." He's just great! We took him to eat at a members home a couple of days ago. Seeing a proper Englishman mix in with a sweet Spanish family was a hilarious event..


She has been out of town. We are just waiting for her to get back! 

Charity was a great study for me this week. Charity and love cast out doubt, fear, jealousy, pride, etc. All attributes of the "natural man," and lead to driving out the spirit: the compass to our lives. Jesus Christ was truly the greatest example of pure charity and love.1 Nephi 19:9 puts its well in how he suffered all for the loving kindness he had towards us. I am so grateful for his love for me. I know exercising charity brings a new light to the people around me. The natural man slips away, and I see all as they are, children of God.

Elder Eliason

PS: Today we are having a FEAST at an American family's home. My own little Thanksgiving :) Also, this Friday is sports day! An entire day spent with the mission playing sports. President Bullock will head up the American Football playing QB. Sporting his retro Ricks College jersey, so I'm told! Cant wait!

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