Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, November 29, 2010

4 Months! Amazed How Fast Times Goes By

Hiya Hiya!

Wow! Another week? I am continuing to be amazed of how fast time goes...

But how are ya'll? I loved seeing that Thanksgiving went well. I'm so thankful for each of you! And the pics are a definite plus!  I had my own little rendition here with the Peterson Family. Food was great!  She takes such good care of us...

Everyday this past week was like Christmas morning! I might of set a record of packages for a missionary in a week, haha!  Thank you! We set everything up the day it came. It's going to be a true Christmas this year. I also got the cookies and card! I thought I wanted to maintain my weight on my mission? Whats with the enticements of cookies every two weeks? Haha. I'm only joking. Elder Cunningham and I have put off our diet until the new year anyway. That makes the 3rd time we have put it off. But thank you so much for all the love this week! Especially those continued "SendOutCards." All of my companions get jealous!  They are such a treat to receive!  

But as I told you last week, we had Sports Day this past Friday. What a blast that was! We went from 10 to 4, playing pretty much non stop even though it was freezing. It was our own little turkey bowl. And it opened up pretty nicely with President Bullock hitting myself in stride for a 40-yard bomb. President Bullock still has it!  I even got to throw on flat ground again with Elder Boswell (catcher for SLCC). And then later in the day I played some basketball and even some ping pong. It was great bonding time with half of the mission, but needless to say I am still felling the effects. Severe soreness has struck Elder Cunningham and I, but we push through...

Now for our beloved investigators..

Update on Mike:

We had a lesson this past week where he was feeling unsure and nervous about his baptism this upcoming week. He kept telling us how he wasn't up to the standard of being baptized. This has been a common theme with Mike from the beginning. During his first lesson he almost backed out. Then Church, He called and said he wasn't coming, but then came and loved it. Now with baptism he feels the same. Elder Cunningham and I asked him the questions that are in the "Baptismal Interview," basic questions that resort around being worthy and having a testimony of the church. He answered them all well.

So we again ensured him that he was ready, and that Heavenly Father doesn't want to hold back the blessings that come from baptism. He knows it's true and is worthy.  He still was hesitant and backing out. So we said, Okay, lets kneel down right now and ask Heavenly Father if you should be baptized on the 4th. He agreed, and offered a beautiful prayer. We then paused, and after the prayer Mike was still hesitant. All we did after was bear testimony on how we know how much this will bless his life and that he was ready. After a slight pause he had a sudden change of heart. "I'll do it," he said. "Your right I feel good about it."

I know that was an answer to his prayer! He had such a change of heart, and that was because the Holy Ghost gave him the comfort needed to realize he is ready. It was amazing! Such a miracle. But he is now getting ready for his baptism. That doesn't mean he is set in stone, I know the adversary is very real and will work more than ever this week on him. But he's strong. I'm excited to see what happens!

Update on Martin:

He came to church again this past week with Nadia, his girlfriend. He is doing absolutely amazing. He is such a star, and is getting ready for his baptism this next week. He is moving out of his flat and excited for a "fresh" start. He has gone through a lot in his life, and it is amazing to see him grow. He bears his testimony at the end of every lesson pretty much, and I am in awe every time. He has a true love for God, and wants the best for himself and his family.


Nadia is now dated for baptism on the 18th!  She came to church yesterday and explained she was bored. But she still loves to meet with us three times a week. Hopefully we can teach the sacrament soon. Hopefully that will change her mind. She is 22 and from England.


He is our other investigator who is progressing ever so steadily! He is 23, from England, and a professional boxer who was in the Marines for 4 years. He trains 3 times a day and still finds time to see us three times a week.  He loved the "Plan of Salvation", and it answered A LOT of his questions. He's solid.    

During my study on virtue this week, I learned how important it is to keep your thoughts clean and pure.  Because our thoughts become our actions and intentions down the road. As well when we have a pure mind we allow the holy ghost to enter in and work through us, which is vital as missionaries. I see it again and again!

I love this "Becomming Like Him" exercise! I have learned so much. And I'm glad to see it take effect on you as well! Keep on keepin' on!

I love England and I love being a missionary!

Elder Eliason

With Elder Krustev from Bulgaria. He is a convert of three years, and is the only member of his family. He found the church through His family was opposed to him going on a mission, but he still found a way to work 6 days a week to pay for it all. WOW, such an inspiration to me!

In front of all the Christmas decorations mom sent me... thanks again! :) This picture is a little dark. I need to work on my lighting techniques. Any help, Dad? ..haha

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