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Cody portrait

Friday, November 12, 2010

Staying Put But With New Companion

Hello Hello!!

Where to start! I am still in the blessed land of Wythenshawe for another transfer, as Elder Moss has been transferred to Preston to head up the Chinese speaking Elders district. He is trainging again. Such a stud.

But I of course have a new companion. One that Elder Moss "called" a week ago. It is Elder Cunningham from Phoenix, Arizona. He came out the exact same time as Elder Moss and are really good friends. He is coming to Wythenshawe from the Isle of Man, aka "Paradise." But wow, he as well is a wonderful missionary. I'm excited whats in store.

He also has come at a blessed time. We now have three dated for baptism: Mike, Martin, and now Lucy. All were able to attend all hours of church last week and continue to progress. Elder Moss and I had an amazing lesson with Martin. We taught the Law of Chastity and new it would be a big lesson because he is living with his girlfriend at the moment.

Fearless, we boldly told him he either had to marry her or move out. He responded with how grateful he was to us for challenging him to do so.  He said, "Others try to sweep those kinds of things under the rug. I do need to change. Thank you so much for caring enough to help me."  I wasn't expecting that to be his response. It again just showed me the power of the spirit of conversion. He always mentions the feelings he has during lessons, and through those feelings knew he had to change. Martin is unbelievable and just loves to "study" with us, as he puts it. He is set for the 27th!

Mike is continuing on very well, even though he continues to be a bit skiddish and nervous. We had the chance to go to a fireside at President Bullock's home with him, and he loved meeting other investigators. We had Pablo, an Argentinian man (member) who recently moved in with his family, take us to and from the fireside. I have never been in a funnier car ride.  A Spanish-speaking man and a proper Englishman make for good commentary. Hilarious!. But all went well. He is still scheduled for the 27th of this month.

Lucy our amazing Chinese girl is doing great. We taught her this past week an hour before Institute. And right after she just tagged along with all the other youth for the rest of the night! We were amazed with her willingness to do so. She attended church and loved it, especially Relief Society. She is very busy with the firm she works with, but we'll get her ready soon!

I dont know if you got the email from President Bullock about studying the Christ like attributes but, we started it this past week!

This week studying the principle of "Faith" has truly strengthened my testimony. An entire week devoted to a Christ like attribute is just what I needed. I learned how important faith in Jesus Christ is in the life of our investigators. Faith includes so many things. One that I focused on was the faith to be healed. Knowing that the power of the atonement will be exercised to forgive sins and transgressions. But that is not the only thing. Faith is the foundation of everything. Faith brings knowledge. We believe and study it out then confirm with God, and through the spirit our testimony strengthens!

I can't put into words how much I love teaching and talking to new people each day!  It is such a blessing to be a missionary. I'm truly excited for this upcoming transfer in Wythenshawe as many great things are happening!

Elder Eliason

Sorry for the short and to the point email! Not much time...I'll talk to you again in 4 days, so no big!

One of my favorite chapters this week was Mosiah 4, all about Charity!

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