Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, October 25, 2010

Working On All Cylinders

Hiya Hiya!!!

Such a great week! Seems to be the ongoing theme.

But anyways, the temps are starting to drop...and fast. This week Elder Moss and I had our "Soviet Union" jackets, scarves, and anything else that can warm a man on for most of the week. But we are bearing it, and still loving to talk to everyone, even if that means in freezing temps.

News on Frank: He is back in Ghana. We managed to pry him away from his sister and talk to him just 20 minutes before he headed to London to fly out. He was in great spirits, and excited to actually "be free" and do what he wants in Ghana, free from his sister. A member in our ward knows the Area Authority where he lives, and gave him all of Franks info. OH! and he added me on Facebook, Dallin accept it! He's a star. Top friend.

Last P-Day, at our zone activity I had the chance to throw a little! Elder Boswell is a catcher for SLCC and actually brought his honkin' catchers glove.  How amazing. So we tossed and I threw a couple. All strikes! But not for long. The arm is out of it. Nedless to say I'm still feeling the soreness.

We have not been able to see monstrous Boko, the man I told you about last week yet. Since he is "the star" of the Rugby team here hopefully we will see him soon!

Elder Moss and I continue to have such fun here in Wythenshawe. We are working on all cylinders these last couple of weeks, Because we have been told that we will be splitting up after this transfer, which ends in three weeks. Sad, but we will make the most of our time left!

Near the end of this past week, we hadn't seen much success with new investigators. That was until we stopped by a referral we have been meaning to stop by for awhile. It was worth it, Nigel was amazing! He loved the entire restoration, and as I extended the baptismal invitation, I was stopped before I could finish to him saying, "Yes, yes!" He has accepted a date and 3 lessons a week! What a blessing to see someone so excited. And why not, this gospel should be exciting!

We also fell into what I would deem a "trap" this week. When we headed into a lesson with this man, he pulled out a research paper he had done on our religion. He tried to go point by point of anti-literature waiting to see us be "stumped". It was one of my favorite lessons of week, because of the spirit I felt during that lesson.

I didn't see what some people would say is "wise or learned" man, I saw a man that was blinded from the truth, and lost in his ignorance. But still, even though he was harsh, I felt a strong love for him. I wanted him to feel what I feel daily and the plan that our Heavenly Father has for him! 

As we continued on trying to get through the restoration, Elder Moss and I traded off simply bearing testimony on basic principles. I just wanted him to know how it could truly bless his life. And even though we could of answered all of his questions, it would have gotten us nowhere. The spirit teaches, and the spirit converts. It was a true growing experience for me.

I know that I am the Lords "hands" here in England! I know that I can do nothing without the spirit. It is the key factor that leads and guides me each day, helping me grow into the missionary I want to become!

I love you all so much! I continue to work relentlessly each day to be worthy of your dear prayers!

Elder Eliason

P.S: WHEN my dear Rangers take the title.. I need a shirt. :)

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  1. Hey Elder Eliason! Keep up the good work! From another ex elder Eliason!