Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, October 4, 2010

Give Thanks

Hiya Hiya Loved Ones...

What a great (half) week it was here in Wythenshawe!!

We had a miracle happen a couple of days ago when someone sent us a text saying.. "I don't have enough credit to call you, can you please ring me?" Of course with our curiosity we gave it a call right away.

A man named Frank picked up and asked why we hadn't been calling him? Elder Moss was puzzled and excited at the same time.  Frank had been a dropped investigator because of loss of contact.  Apparently he went south for a while, and out of contact.  But upon arriving back, he wants to still learn more! That's the joke around here. Africans love to pack up and leave for London randomly... Manchester is so much better... I'm guessing that's why he is back!

We are scheduled to see him EVERY day until his baptism. WOW, what a commitment he has made on his part.. Looks like his desire is there. Time to do our best to keep the fire burning. He even came to conference, and loved the experience. He is from Ghana, and there when they dress up, they dress up in style. He had the fad shoes that had some sort of cheetah print on it, and a checkered shirt look going on. Such a stud.

Speaking of General Conference, what a wonderful opportunity it was this weekend! Because of time difference we watched the Saturday morning at session at 5 to 7 Saturday night. Then the Priesthood session at 10am on Sunday. Followed by Sat. afternoon session at 1 to 3 on Sunday, and Sunday Morning session from 5 to 7. We unfortunately didn't get to see the last session. Good thing we get the Ensign!

It felt like another "training" meeting, which I loved. I was able to apply so many things to missionary work. One that struck me often, was the reoccurring theme of "being an example of the believers." I took that to apply to the ward, investigators, family, and fellow missionaries. 

To stand at all times as an example. Especially now, here on my mission.  To be an example by keeping the Mission rules exactly. Ultimately keeping the culture/ mission vision set by President Bullock: 1) Pure in Heart, 2) Exactly Obedient, and 3) "Preach My Gospel" missionaries. An ongoing influence among those entering the mission each six weeks.

But my favorite talk had to of been Jeffrey R. Holland. Wow! Wow, such a powerful, simple, and ever so sincere talk. Every other talk that was given I wrote down many notes and thoughts.. But with Elder Holland's talk I just sat and felt the overwhelming influences of the spirit pour over me leaving only two words on my note pad.."Give thanks".... His message of gratitude struck me solid...

I'm so thankful for the reminder that Elder Holland and President Monson gave on gratitude.. Because at all times I am grateful. But sometimes don't do the best job of expressing it.. So I guess this is my chance...

I truly am so grateful to all my friends and family! For the memories made, and ever so many laughs! I would not be here today if it were not for the love I have felt over the years from all of you!

Most importantly I am thankful for you Mom, and Dad!  For the example that you are to me! The support and love you have given, and the constant sacrifices made for me and the sibs.. Dad for the baseball lessons, and wise wisdom during challenges and Mom for the laughs, and constant effort to make sure I am given the best. (ex: haircut...shampoo?) hahah. But most of all I am thankful for your testimonies! For your love of the gospel and constant example of what I want to become!

Elder Eliason

P.S. - Tell me about the Colorado trip! Dad, how did Dallin get off scotch free without driving?


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