Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Thursday, September 30, 2010

6 More Weeks In Wythenshawe!

Hiya Hiya!!

I have received so many letters these past two weeks! and every time they give me a lift...I feel like a champ for the rest of the day. You all are amazing.  And I am writing back as soon as I can.

Im sorry this is coming late. I forget to tell you that this week is transfers and our P-Day is on Wednesday this week... But great news! Elder Moss and I will be going round 2 here in Wythenshawe! Another 6 weeks it is...

Wow. It has been 6 weeks. It blows my mind to see how fast it has gone. Reflecting back, It feels like yesterday that I left for the airport. But I sure am loving it here in England. I'm finally being able to understand everybody and their accents. Now it is sounds familiar and I dont even notice. Actually, we have this American family that is in the ward and every time I talk to them I notice their strong Utah accent...speaking of the accent... Everyone loves the American accent here. Kids of all ages come up to us and ask us " you have the time?" just so they can here our accents. It's weird and hilarious. I've told the time to half of Wythenshawe!

But anyways, I have also seen the growth in myself! My scriptural knowledge grows daily. I've gained a great love for study time! There is such power in the scriptures! And with no distractions, I get to fully dive in and get the most out of the time.

Lately most of our Investigators have been African. They are amazing...and then break your heart. We will GQ them on the street and be like "Whats most important to you?" They usually say "God and my salvation..." Elder Moss and I just sit with our mouths open and are like "Woahh......." We are so amazed every time because of the other harsh answers we get on the street...we'll just leave it at that (haha). Then they want to have us over every day! We teach them many times and then they just vanish. They lose contact and lose interest.  Its so hard!

A nearby town of Withington has now opened up for school, some 10,000 students poured into the condensed town this past week. Its becaouse of Manchester University starting up. (50,000 students attend - biggest in Europe). So now we go up there all the time, and students love to talk to us.

We even had a referral up in Withington and went to deliver a Book of Mormon. The student who was supposed to receive it didn't want it but the student who answered the door eventually let us in to teach him. Wow. It was a great lesson.. Daniel (the first referrral guy) eventually came down and loved it.  It's amazing to see the spirit work on people, and people just change. And their desire just grows!

Yesterday we had Training Camp, which is where all the Elders that have finished their first transfer come in and get trained. It was so good to see them all again! We even had my MTC companion Elder Whited, and a couple others stay with us last night in our flat.. aka.. the Mission Hotel. We have like 3 extra rooms, and 5 sinks...because it used to be a dental surgery building.

Lastly, I just love being here and feel so strongly about this gospel! The greatest part about this missionary work is that we as missionaries do not convert or convince people to do anything. We are called to be instruments in the Lord's hands! To work hard and always deliver a simple and clear message so that the spirit can bear witness to them! It's so great to see it unfold.
I continue to press on with faith and look forward to what the Lord has in store for me in this next transfer!

Elder Eliason 

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