Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, September 13, 2010

Importance of Exact Obedience

Dearest Family!

Another uplifting week here in Wythenshawe!  Thank you so much for the cookies and card! I got such a lift from the card and pictures!

The weeks are speeding up.  Its ridiculous.  I was at this computer it seems yesterday.  But then when I think about the entire week,  I realize how much we have done! Always working makes time fly.

I had my very first Zone Conference this past week. WOW. Such an amazing event put on by the leadership of the mission. First off, President and Sister Bullock are unbelievable. They speak with such power and love.  Everything they say makes you want to run outside and start finding people.  Zone Conference (ZC) gave me such a drive and passion for the people and mission.  They do such a great job of explaining the essentials of becoming the missionary I want to be.

Elder Moss and I were joking before it started about how in his first ZC he had to give the opening prayer and give a talk. I knew that surely wasn't going to happen to me. Well, right when we walked in and sat down, one of the AP's asked me to give the opening prayer. So, opening prayer...check.

After getting over that hurdle, President asked me to speak. So talk? check. Like Father like Son. (Trainer like Greenie). The way they pick who talks is drawing from a hat basically.  Well after they had drawn all of the speakers, the President wanted a new missionary to give a talk. Luckily, I got that opportunity. I know I say that sarcastically, but it really turned into an amazing experience. I was, as you can imagine, petrified to stand up in front of all of those seasoned missionaries and talk about 'Exact Obedience'. Well, on the stand I said a quick prayer of comfort.  Right when I stood in front of everybody I was so calm and collected.  I was able to get all of my points across and just bear testimony to the blessings I had seen from being exactly obedient. (I even shared the scripture and story of Heritage Tours...Alma 57:21)  It was such a powerful moment for me, and my testimony.

This week I also saw my first person finally be dated for baptism. One of our investigators, Abbey.  He showed up and loved his first time at church. We have seen much success when it comes to finding new investigators. Our downfall is getting return appointments. So many times people would feel the spirit, and still deny to see us again.  I've reminded myself that it is because of their agency, and we don't "convince" anyone. Ultimately the choice is theirs. Something I will work on this week is how I can apply ways to make the "chance" less.  I will teach with such simplicity that they will understand all of what we teach, and can ultimately make a better decision.

I lately have come to LOVE quotes. Such profound lessons and teachings can come from so few words.

My favorite lately has been "Pull up your socks, and go to work" - Elder Holland

So simple, yet profound...I wake up, and go to work...because I love the people, because I want to change lives, because I want them to feel what I feel, because they need to know that they are a child of god!

I love this work, and am enjoying every single day!

Elder Eliason   

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