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Cody portrait

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Power of Testimony

My Dearest Family!

Its so great to send off another email! If I had the time I would type for days from the many things Ive for the highlights.

Well, I'm continuing to love this area of Wyhtenshawe! Just the aspect of being a "real" missionary still hits me everyday. I have already learned so much and continue to learn from such great materials given to us. Elder Moss continues to be a unbelievable guide and instructing me on the importance of becoming a sacred missionary. I am truly grateful for the opportunity I have to spend with him! We are now working with great flow and unity in the lessons and on the street.  It's something that we have worked hard at and it seems to be paying off!

We were blessed with an amazing "finding" week here in Wythenshawe.  We had 104 "Quality Gospel Conversations" with 23 appointments, which is 29 QGC's over the mission standard and many over our goal! We talk to EVERYBODY, and it seems to be paying off...

We have been teaching all over the place...bedrooms, park benches, next to highways, the floor, etc.  And every time we teach the spirit is felt.  Even when cars are rushing by... just amazing to witness!

Our flat was inspected this past week by President and Sister Bullock.  It took us 4 hours of hands on cleaning to prepare (the fault of the missionaries before us of course:))  But we indeed made it look nice. Our reward was a 5 pound bag of Ghiradelli brownies. I'm set for the next 14 months of my mission.

We also had the surprise of teaching them. How great that was! Even though scared out of my mind I think it went well. Our role-plays are paying off. But what a great example they are! They are amazing people. He runs this mission with such poise and structure. We are truly blessed here in the England Manchester Mission (EMM).

One thing I learned this week was the power of testimony. While reading in my personal study it became a reoccurring topic. I loved looking in to it, especially in (Jacob 7: 7-15) such a great example of how powerful a testimony can be. I know as I work to strengthen and build my testimony I will become a sharp tool in the Lord's hands!

This week we have had the chance to teach the "Doctrine of Christ" (2 Nephi 31) many times. Many members and less actives have loved the reminder of the basics. They continue to tell us how they can get caught up in the little things about the gospel, and how refreshing it really is to here the basic principles again.  I know that as we continue to emphasize the basic principles, that foundation can keep them going strong in the church! By always being able to resort back to their basic testimony of the simple truths from the Doctrine of Christ and Restoration!

One thing I also have found great joy in is bus contacting.  At first it was a fear and a nightmare.  But after studying the power statements, and just speaking to people over and over again, I have found a great love for getting to know people and help them know they are a child of God. One instance this week was when I was at the top of a bus and speaking to what seemed like 5 college kids at once. They seemed to jump in one by one, giving their own religious background.  All I really did was use a power statement, testify, and promise blessings. The basics. But it really got them thinking. It just goes to show how a simple testimony can get people thinking. It makes them ponder the soul searching questions!

Here's some assignments...

Dallin - your already on assignment....

Haley- Umm.. school? I need to hear how it is going...fill me in Bayla!

Conno- Lets go my man.. fill me in as well!


Elder Eliason

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