Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, September 6, 2010

I Love This Work!

Hiya Family!!

Hiya is how they say hello here in England.  Just one of the many culture shock differences!

Well, It has been another great week here in Wythenshawe.  A big week for my growth as a missionary. Lessons are running smoother, everything is becoming more familiar, and the no phone is finally becoming easier as well. Oh, and the waking up is becoming easier. (Who would've thought).

But I am really enjoying this great time.  The first couple days were, "When does this end" ... to now when its more like "2 years of this is easy" ... Its turned into that because of my overall understanding of being a missionary. This isn't "My" mission. Its not "My" time.  Its the "Lords" mission, and His time.  I'm just trying to follow his lead and teach the people he leads me to!

This week I have also learned the great importance of keeping a journal, and study journal.  Every single missionary that is leaving tells me one thing to learn... "Write in your journal." So I guess it must be important.  But I can say I have lived up to that, I'm on course to keep it up... I also learned how important a through study journal is... to write and record what I have learned relating to the gospel. 3 Nephi 23: 11-13 really explains it well. It's important to write down what happens to us and what we learn because it shows the Lord that what we experience is important. I know if I show my gratitude by recording what I have learned the lord will continue to bless me with more spiritual experiences!

This week I also had an experience that I will remember for a long time. A woman in our ward was struggling, and needed a priesthood blessing. Elder Moss and I quickly headed over to help as we could.  While we were there Elder Moss spoke and used scriptures to help with her need. I stood in the background not knowing how to help this woman. I felt a little inadequate to use scriptures or personal stories.
Well, Elder Moss asked who she would want to give the blessing. Surprisingly, she picked me. The one that only muttered a few words. This was my first priesthood blessing I had given. I wasn't confident in my ability, but I had this undeniable feeling that it had nothing to with me.  All I had to do was to listen and speak as the spirit directed. I have only a slight remembrance of what was said.  More importantly, I do remember what I felt. I felt as I was nothing. The Lord was truly working through me that entire time.  It was a feeling that I will never forget, and hold dear the rest of my life.

Well, in a lighter note this week at Sacrament was quite interesting. We had our first fast and testimony meeting since my time here. It has now become one of the most tense times. We had this "single" sweet old lady stand up and ask all the single adults to raise their hands. But the best part is the gospel principles class.  Its the class with all the recent converts and investigators. So the only ones with church backgrounds are the missionaries. So the class often turns into an argument, or a tangent about something or another. While I get alot of humor out of it some Sundays, the Sundays when we have investigators there becomes the most tense hour of my life...haha. 

But finally, I love this work! The spiritual experiences, and joys are everywhere when I stop and take a look. I'm still far far off of what I want to become as a missionary, but I am starting to see what it will take to get there!

Love you all dearly!

Elder Eliason

This is the flat in which we live...

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