Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One Month? Wow!

Hello Fam!

I know its Tuesday.. it was Bank Holiday yesterday, so we had no access to computers at the library...

Anyway... Wow, its been another unbelievable week here in Manchester... It seems to go by so fast! The people here are very interesting. Some love to talk to you, others would rather jump off the bus.  Nevertheless I'm beginning to learn the ropes and love the area and people of Wythenshawe.

This week started with an exchange with the Zone Leaders.  I had the privilege to go and stay with Elder Driscoll in Stretford.  Outside their window was the skyline of Manchester City.  It was a sight to see... But I learned so much just on those short to days. Mostly on finding, how to be myself, put my own spin on things.  Loud, Proud, and slow! Elder Driscoll reminds me a lot of myself. He came on the mission taking growing up in the LDS church for granted...and when he arrived, he came to know all that he had missed out on.

That is exactly how I feel... I got here and felt like the most underachieved missionary when it came to doctrine, and knowledge... and now all I want to do is read! Jesus The Christ, B.O.M, Our Heritage... I'd say my favorite thing has been personal study.  I learn so much every morning, and it is just a great time to re-dedicate myself to the work.

This last Sunday, we as missionaries (the six that are in our ward), announced the mission plan for the ward.  The ward received new pass along cards and we shared how they could use them.  Elder Moss spoke in Sacrament, and wow, what an amazing Elder he is.  He's been out 6 months, and already has this power and sound knowledge of the gospel. And more importantly why he's here on a mission. Such a great example to me.

Speaking of Elder Moss... Our relationship has grown so much. He reminds me so much of Jordy. Like they must be twins.  He's 6'4, from Chicago, and a basketball die hard.  and makes me laugh constantly.

We also have seen our share of miracles this week... We have 3 (Gladstone, Geoff, Abbey) investigators that we are currently teaching, one was a best friend of one of the investigators, that just happened to come over... Every time we teach a lesson, I get this lift just from the joy that it brings them. It is the greatest feeling.

This past week we have just seen people "fall into out lap." And I know that is not without reason.  Elder Moss and I strive to do everything with exactness and keep all the laws of the mission.  Through doing so and enduring the bumps in the road, we receive those wonderful people to teach... Its been a real testimony builder for me in that it really is only after the trial of your faith, do the blessings come.  Obedience breeds miracles!!!!

Regarding the traffic light incident...haha... Who knew they would have "HD" cameras at a traffic light in Arlington? Someone must have been distracting me, I don't really remember...

Elder Eliason

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