Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wythenshawe it is!!

Dear Family!!!

Wow, it has been a crazy week. I wish I knew where to begin...

We awoke and headed down to the mission home just last Wednesday.  We were picked up by the AP's and a coach bus.  I wish i could explain how I was feeling.. we'll for one it was 6:00 in the morning, so of course I wasn't all there mentally (Dad and Dallin know what I mean)...but I was all there emotionally. I was feeling excited about this finally beginning. Scared of the unknown, if I would like my companion.  Nervous of having to teach a lesson right a-way...I would sum it all up with overwhelmed..but excited.

We arrived at the mission home to a greeting from the mission president, and his wife.  We took a picture (Im sure you have seen it)..(why we took one at 6:30 in the morning, I dont know) haha.  But It was so great to see them.  We started with them introducing their family, and showing some slideshows..  We then  had the chance to view President's huge board of all the missionaries, and the area.  My picture was in the corner waiting for a spot to put. It was a surreal moment to me, and hit me then that Im actually here.  

We then went over the mission binder, rules, with the President.  He's an unbelievable man with a real desire for missionary work. We also had the chance to have a testimony meeting.  Sort of, our arriving testimony.  It was incredible,  its such a blessing to have such great missionaries here to serve with.  Everyone's here for the right reason, and it showed powerfully.

After a 5-7 minute interview with the president, we headed off to the Manchester South Stake Centre.  All of us greenies showed up together to the sound of all the Manchester missionaries singing LOUD hymns lined up down a hallway.  A SKINNY hallway, that seemed to go for days.  I felt like I was getting sized up as I walked down the "gauntlet". It felt like the first day of High School again, and we were the little freshman kids walking in..haha. But it was a great welcoming nontheless... we got right down to business as we sat on the stage as President Bullock would call us up one by one, we would give where we are from, and name.  

My turn came up..introduced where I was from as proudly as I would let myself... Then he announced I would be staying in the area, and same building.  "Manchester South, Wynthenshawe area..with Elder Moss from Naperville, Illinois." He's been out for six months, and attended Utah State before coming.       

This first week has been amazing. Elder Moss and I are settling in very well together, in all aspects of being companions.  We have already become great friends, and continue to grow each day!  Elder Moss is just what I needed as a trainer.  He is compassionate in this work, and conveys very well the different aspects of becoming a missionary.  Elder Moss is leading by example, and I'm doing my best to follow his lead.  He has such a powerful spirit, that I have felt since day one. I even found out that he was best friends with Jake Humphries in Pennsylvania. How crazy. Someone needs to tell Jake! 

Our flat is huge compared to others in the mission apparently.. its the mission "Hotel". Because its where missionaries stay before they go home.. But it works out for us.. because when they are not here, we get it all to ourselves! 

This area/all of England has such a cool feel to it.. I can get used to this place...But I had my first Church Meeting in a real building since being home.  It was weird but so great.. We have six total missionaries in our ward.. and three new ones.  We all had the chance to get up and share our testimony.  I shared D&C 84:87-88.. since it has become my favorite scripture as of late. 

But all in all...The first few days were frustrating.  I was struggling especially in street contacting.  After being denied many many times, I felt like I wasn't doing it right, and would find myself getting stumped, and discouraged.  Elder Moss and I continued to push through and learn the power statements.  At the end of the week, I found myself becoming much more comfortable doing bus contacting, and street contacting.  I think I just needed that confidence in myself.  Its become an amazing turn around, and I'm beginning to see the simple joys of this work!  

Yesterday Elder Moss and I experienced my first "miracle".  On our way home from a lesson, we found our self one QGC or "quality gospel convesration" (you have to 1.testify, 2.invite, 3.Ask a meaningful question to count it.) short of the weekly mission standard of 70.  It was late, and nobody seemed to be around. We were literally 5 minutes from home, when we found a man named Simon.  We had a great flow of conversation and testimony, which ultimately led to us setting up an appointment. At that moment, I felt for as surety that Simon was delivered to us, to answer our prayer to reach our goal.  I know that was because of our faith, and our standard to always be exactly obedient. When we work hard, and with faith, the Lord provides.  Ive seen a simple example only one week in!  

I still have many many things that I need to improve on.  Elder Moss has played a huge role in setting an example, and helping me form achievable goals.  Goals that daily help me improve and become more comfortable in this new environment. 

Love and Miss you all!

Elder Eliason

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