Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hello Family!!
It is so good to finally be able to communicate! I have so much to tell you but so little time with my slotted MTC time... Ill do the best I can..
Well where to start... I landed in Atlanta to find only one missionary "Elder Hughes" from Oklahoma in the Manchester terminal.  We waited for an hour, until the "Utah" crew showed up with about 30 missionaries.  Where are my other southern states representing at? oh well. we all managed to get to know each other pretty well.  Me and Elder Hughes hung together, and even had seats next to each other on the plane... 
After a never-ending flight, with weird food we landed in Manchester.  First thing we noticed....people driving on the wrong side of the road from the plane.  So weird.  Then we got a greeting from the terminal over the broadcast.  It was in a heavey british accent.  Thats when we knew we had arrived.  We were picked up in a coach bus and drove 30 minutes to The Missionary Training Centre (notice the "re") in Chorley.  
We got here, they tagged our bags, and quickly started getting us everything we needed. We had an interview with the president, Immunizations taken care of, and given all other MTC instructions..  It was a rush, to say the least.  In this session there are about 60 missionaries.. 45 from the states, and 15 from other countries. (mostly Germany).  We have 4 disctricts.  3 american. 1 german speaking.  
On the day we arrived, during free time I was called in by President Clegg.  He gave me the calling of being Distirct Leader of the Ammon District.  It surely was unsuspected.  But Im so greatful for the responsiblities! I have learned so much about myself and others, through this calling.... but this first week has been tough.  Waking up at 630 has been a little different from the norm, but im trying to love it.  
We have class most of the day, and go through teaching other companions to better our teaching skills.  5 months ago the church changed the way we are taught at the MTC.. they dont teach so much the lessons anymore.  They teach us how to teach the person. Mainly focusing on "Listening, and Asking Question" then teaching what lesson fits their need.  Its been great to start to get the feel of it.  
We are actually going down on the train into Manchester on Friday to go around and teach.  Just me and my companion.  The MTC here in England is the only MTC that does that.. pretty neat!  
Today we also had the chance to go around on a coach bus and view and learn about all the historical sites.  It was kind of a Heritage Tours: Part 2, just without Bro. E and the megaphone....but we went to the River Ribble, where the first baptisms where in England.  Then to Downham where Heber C. Kimball was alot! Alot of great things happened there.
But im being pushed out of the room. Im sorry I couldnt explain much
Elder Eliason    

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  1. What a great looking missionary--and with possible companions that you will learn to love. Looks like typical England weather! Grandpa Eliason.