Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, October 11, 2010

Frank is Ready!

Dearest Family and Friends!!

Hello again! Things are going so well here in Wythenshawe!

At the start of the week we had the first ever "Mulit-Zone Conference." The brethren have done away with Zone Conference every month, now just 4 times a year. So now we have the Multi-Zone to take its place during the vacant months...

But it was, as always, an amazing experience.  President Bullock is just amazing.  He taught about the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Nag Hammadi Codices.. and how they testify of the Book of Mormon. It was more of a testimony strenghthener for us. We wont be going around telling anybody about it, but it is an amazing story of how a boy in Israel in the 1940s found some scrolls in a cave, which eventually led to hundreds being found. They are ancient writings that talk about many things that we know of today...So interesting! Look it up!

The Assistants to the President (APs) also went over the many key indicators of the past transfer and leading companionships. Somehow Elder Moss and I were second in the mission in "Appointments" and "New Investigators."  I say that because of how thankful I am for Elder Moss! He's got a great "get things done" attitude. And I have done my best to learn all that I can. We have been so blessed in this area!

Frank, our wonderful African investigator continues to grow closer to his baptism this upcoming Saturday! We have unveiled many things from him this past week. Elder Moss had been wondering why he just disappeared three months ago, wouldn't answer calls, etc. Well we have come to find out from him that his sister that he lives with is completely against it. She took his phone so he couldn't be contacted.  And told Elder Moss that he had moved back to Ghana, when in fact he was just sleeping upstairs.

WOW, right? This woman is definitely some opposition. The thing is that he is only in the country for two months and is staying with her. Nevertheless we have been teaching him on a bench daily, after sneaking out of the house with his Book of Mormon in his back pocket. He is just hilarious though, saying in his soft African accent, "Its my choice. If I want to join I will join the church. She needs to know that I know its true."
In 2 days he had read to 2 Nephi 24, so he's got the desire! Through that desire we have been able to seem him steadily progress. What an amazing blessing it has been to have him come back to us, and to teach him!

We also had the hilarious opportunity to take him to "Investigator Football." I showed up thinking that I had some "skills" in football and would be able to hang with the crew. NOT. I didn't know that practically the entire Ghana National team would be there shin guards and all. Shortly after I was dribbling the ball for the first time, from what seemed six different directions came 6 huge Africans slide tackling me to the ground. They play hard. I was a boy amongst men. Enough said. But Frank loved it, it was a great bonding moment for him and other members.

I know what I'm doing over here is the Lords work! I know that because of the feeling I get every time I share our message with someone. Lately I have felt the love of the S
aviour so strong. I know that He knows me individually, by name. Jesus Christ died not only for my sins but my weaknesses and my pains. What a joy it is to be here in England sharing that to everyone I see! How grateful I am to be part of this marvelous work going forward.

Love you All Dearly!

Elder Eliason

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  1. Amazing stories and insights. I love reading these letters! I am all inspired to be more missionary minded. Way to go Elder Eliason!!