Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Grace is not achieved somewhere down the road. It is received right here and right now." -- Bradley R. Wilcox

Climbing Mt. Snowden: We didn't make it all the way to the top...ran out of time. Nonetheless, it was a good little trip.

Hello Family!
Well, these last couple of days have been sunshine filled. There hasn't been a cloud in the sky for days and everyone is starting to tan up....except Elder Hughes and I, it seemed we were in all week, whether it was teaching or in the office.  
We've had a great miracle unfold over the past couple of weeks with a man named Stephen in our area. Last week I received a voicemail from a number I did not recognize. He spoke of wanting to take the lessons back up and expressed his testimony of the Gospel. It took me a few days to reach him, but after we did we came to find out that he was taught a couple of transfers ago by Elders Boswell and Smart. He was a referral, and get this, he lives in Knutsford. That is where the mission office is and where we travel to all the time. The crazy thing is that Knutsford is a small town, and the fact that he is actually a YSA. Plus, was so interested in learning more that he bought a quad (scriptures) on the store.
Elder Hopper and I were on exchanges together when we first taught him. He was incredible. He had questions ready and took it all in. The greatest part is when we talked about baptism, which he accepted but then said, "When do I get to enter the temple." That is what our aim is as missionaries and Stephen has already got the mindset. We are planning to teach him as much as possible this week. 
On the sad news front, Stella is no longer wanting to meet with us. We saw her this week  and even got her to institute. She loved all of it and all things were going well. That was until Helen Smith went to pick her up for church yesterday. We got a call from her boyfriend who wasn't too happy with her decisions. You could tell it was causing some contention between the two. So long story short, she sent us a text explaining this to us and said it would be better if we stopped coming around.
It was something we were not expecting, but know this isn't the end. We will be trying to get in contact with her this week.
Shout-out to Dallin: I finally stumbled across that talk you suggested a couple of months ago titled His Grace is Sufficient by Bradley R. Wilcox (the link goes to his talk which is available both in video and text). It has set Elder Hughes on fire and his personal studies.  It pretty much has been deemed the talk of the transfer. "Grace is not achieved somewhere down the road. It is received right here and right now. It is not the finishing touch; it is the Finisher's Touch
Love, Elder Eliason

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