Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"time doesn't seem to ever be in our favour"

Here is Rees at baptism

Exchange with Elder Starr in Chester

Here's Nicky, I stopped by and said hello to her, she is doing very well!

TEXOMA - Elder Hughes and I finally got our picture....
Hello Family!!
What good news that is that Aunt Cindy was able to meet President Bullock! I told him that I had family in that area when he was here, good to hear they have met.
As you can tell from the pictures, Rees was baptised this past Thursday before institute. He had a great showing of support that included his non-member mom and uncle. They had told him at first that they would not be coming. But after his  persistence they showed up right before it started. At the end of the program he stood up and bore his testimony, it was aimed towards his mom, it was the highlight of the program. 
This week I also had an exchange in Chester! It is the best feeling to be back in an old area. The Elders kindly scheduled us to see Lorna in the evening. We had a great lesson with her, honestly such an incredible feeling to see accounts of how she is doing within the church. She is doing incredibly well. She was asked to speak at Stake Conference and gave a great talk. President Preston gave me a ring after to tell me about it. When I left her apartment, she gave me the hand-written testimony she wrote for the Stake Conference. A priceless gift. 
I'm sorry that my letters are not as good, time doesn't seem to ever be in our favour.  Today that is by choice as we are headed to climb Mt. Snowden in Wales! I've wanted to do it my entire mission, and today is the day. I'll send pics next week.
It was my turn again for The Corner
Obedience is the way...
The saying goes, “To get no where, follow the crowd.” Jesus Christ is not a crowd-pleaser, and invites us to forsake the paths of least resistance. Obedience is an act of faith. When we are obedient a great sense of confidence can be found. We can be sure that whatever is happening is for our benefit, for God is bound by eternal law. (D&C 82:10) Everything is underpinned by obedience. (D&C 130:21)

Faith is the power...
Faith is a principle of power. Joseph Smith said, “Had it not been for the principle of faith, the worlds would never have been framed, neither would man have been formed of the dust. It is the principle by which Jehovah works, and through which he exercises power over all temporal as well as eternal things. Take this principle or attribute—for it is an attribute—from Deity, and he would cease to exist.” Now we see why “nothing happens in missionary work, until a missionary asks in faith.”

Love is the motive...
Thomas S. Monson has said “Only good that is done for the love of doing it counts for righteousness.” Through the channel of the Holy Ghost, God can bestow this gift through our desire to receive it.  

The Spirit is the key...
When we teach without the Spirit, we teach by the power of intellect. We will speak to the mind and not to the heart. True conversion happens when hearts are changed, hearts are changed when the influence of the Holy Ghost is felt and acted upon. The Holy Ghost is central to all that we do. F. Enzio Busche, a former seventy mentioned two elements that separate us from the Spirit. 1) Lack of desire to repent.  2) Lack of desire to forgive.  

Christ is the reason...
Why do you do missionary work? Why do you speak to people on buses? Why have you left the comforts of home and family?  The Apostle Peter gives us his reason. After healing a man lame from birth, with boldness Peter declared : “Be it known unto you all, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand before you whole”. (Acts 3:10) Peter knew by what power this miracle happened.  Peter knew where his confidence lied.  Peter knew that Christ is the reason. It is written, “How shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?” (Romans 10:14) So when the question of “Why?” creeps into our work, remember that Christ is the reason.
Skill of the Week:
Do not be afraid of silence.  Silence in lessons and on the street not only allows investigators to be taught by the Spirit, but for you also to be taught and given “that portion that shall be meted unto every man.”

You don’t know everything, but you know enough,

Elders Eliason & Hughes

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