Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A little what goes on during transfer week...

Hello Family!

Sorry I am coming to you so late, I forgot to inform you of the unique 5 week transfer we were having this transfer.  

The news as for me, if you have not already heard is that I will be staying in the same place for the last couple of weeks. President felt that would be the best move for me, and for the mission.

That though makes Elder Hughes and I leave in the same transfer, so President has called for us to have another companion to make the transition easier. Our new companion is Elder Jackson from Sacramento, CA. That makes us a trio, and how fitting that is with all of the other trio's I have had throughout my mission.  

I cannot believe another transfer has come and gone, it seems the more I try to slow down the time the quicker time seems to go. We dropped off a big group of departing missionaries this morning at the airport, included were a lot of my good friends and companions. Elder Smart, Boswell, Misbach, Palmer, Ashcraft, Okeson... just to name some. These are powerful missionaries who have done so much for the mission, and for me as a person. 
Elder Eggers is still floating around the mission with his parents, whom we got to meet last night when they came to see him at the mission home. Right when they met me, they acted like they had already known me; after a few questions it became apparent that they did know me quite well. They responded with a response that has been somewhat of a theme on my mission.. "We've read your blog." Haha. 

I talk about how crazy transfer week is, and I'm guessing you wonder what does go on. Here is a little bit of what has taken place this week so far...
On Sunday we had to do some work at the office in the morning, then we went to church at 1:00. After church we had a fireside at the mission home with about 80+ people, so we were there from about 5-9. 
On Monday, we finalized all the transfer travel plans and booked coaches, buses, trains, etc., for all the travel. We also completed all of our normal Monday duties with sending numbers to Salt Lake. That night we had tea and a meeting with President & Sister Preston regarding the transfer planning. We also lost our key card that night and were stuck outside for a few hours. 
Tuesday morning we went shopping, picked up another car we needed for transfers, and then finished some more work at the office. That night we had another meeting called "Train the Trainers" with the President and the trainers of the new missionaries. We then went straight from there to Chorley to the MTC to drop off a missionary transferring to the Scotland/Ireland Mission. We then stayed the night in Chorley with the Zone Leaders.
Wednesday morning we woke up at 4:45am, picked up the 10 new missionaries from the MTC, and then went to President Preston's home for a meeting with the new missionaries. There they were interviewed by the President, whilst we trained them on some basic skills, and had Q&A. Then at 2:00 we traveled to Manchester South to meet all the missionaries being transferred. We then had our Transfer Meeting and all the new missionaries were matched up with their trainers. We then stayed and helped the departing missionaries weigh their bags and finalize all luggage. We then took them all to the President's home and spent the night there with them and the Prestons. 
We then took them to see the Mission Office and then to the McLaren dealership that is nearby that is often wanted to be seen. We then took them back to Manchester and dropped them off at our flat.  In the end we got home at about 2:30am. There were 12 of us all staying in our flat that should only room 3. 
Today, we woke up at 6:00 this morning and took them to the airport. We then went home and napped for a couple of hours, and then now are here preparing for Zone Leader Council tomorrow with Elder Kerr of the Seventy. (An Area Authority from Scotland). All in all it has been a very busy yet exciting week! In total Sister Preston fed us 6 times this week and is feeding us again tomorrow, so you could say  we are being taken care of...

I hope that sheds a little bit of light on what has been going on this past week and a half! Needless to say I am ready to be out of the office and out in the field this upcoming week. It will be a week filled with exchanges.

With the preparation for transfers you can tell we have not had much time to proselyte. But Stella and Stephen are still doing very well. We make contact constantly and the ward does great at pro-actively fellowshipping  them, which is a huge help. Stella came to church this past week, and again loved it. 
Quote of the week:
"No man can know himself unless he knows God, and he cannot know God unless he knows himself."
                                                                                               --Brigham Young
Elder Eliason

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