Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Thursday, August 4, 2011

One Year Down, But Excited for What's In Store!

Dear Fam,

Look at all this traveling you've been doing! I remember back in the
good ole days taking road trips in the van... that broke down 14
times...haha. But its good to see that you've been able to spend
some time with the fam! Did Dallin fly back or did you just meet him in

This week has been fantastic...As you know, on Tuesday was my first

interview with President Preston. It was a good "get-to-know" session
with him. It looks like he is starting to settle in. He is just an
amazing man. Just very "real" and has a real desire to see to our
needs as missionaries. His style of leadership is much different than
President Bullock, which is great! I am grateful that I get to learn
from both of them.

Well, I had my first "manual" driving lesson this week, it was quite

the experience. Why did they have to go and make driving so
complicated? I'm used to the gas pedal, and the brake. Not the
clutch, finding the bite point, handbrake kinda thing. But
nevertheless, I started to get the hang of it, as Rod, my very
talkative instructor corrected my mistakes.

A miracle happened this week when we had a woman usher us over to her

car. We recognized her as we approached... she was a potential
investigator, Sara. She asked us to come over and give her house a
blessing. We of course agreed and simply went over and said a
prayer. Then were able to teach her the Restoration.

Afterwards we tried by a man that wasn't in, we headed over and tried

by another man that was a "potential," his name is Billy. Well Billy was in, and
he let us in. We gained some trust and then we shared the Restoration
with him. He loved it. With him just losing his father we were able
to tie the message into eternal families. He willingly let us come
over two days after to show him the Restoration DVD. He again loved
it. Afterwards he accepted to come to church, and as promised he was
waiting for us at 8:50 Sunday morning. He loved church and is doing
very very well! If it weren't for us trying by the other man in his
neighborhood, I'm convinced we would have forgotten about him. But
the Lord is in the work, and led us to him. It amazes me every time,
as again and again I see the Lord's hand in this work!

Update on "Paul Glebswirlovapastalovboyarrin": (his actual last's Russian):

We have taught him three times over the past week, and he continues to
be a star! He is continuing to keep commitments we leave with him. When I
rang him up this week I asked how he liked the Prophet of the
Restoration DVD. He answered saying he has watched it 3 times.
It is good to see him dedicated to continue to learn and take in what
we teach him. Yesterday we went over the baptismal interview
questions with him, and he is set to go. All he needs to do is cut
off his smoking for good. He's gone from 40 a day to now 2 or 3.
We'll see how it goes from here!

The first  lesson this week was a good lesson because of the fellow

shipper we brought with us. Brother Fletcher was very bold with Paul saying
that he had the belief  to get down to 3 cigarettes. He just lacks
the "faith" to completely rid himself of them. It was perfect for
Paul to hear, and he agreed saying that he needed to rely upon the
Lord more and find ways he can strengthen his faith to overcome his
desire to smoke. To follow-up we had a lesson upon the atonement. We
were able to really emphasize how living the steps of the gospel of
Jesus Christ allows us to have that "mighty change of heart". Leading
to a desire to follow the commandments more completely. 
It was a great lesson! It's just amazing to be apart of the process of someone who
makes changes in their lives, and then see the blessings come to

This week I had my first ever "Kebab"-- Google it. Let me tell

you it was some kind of introduction. I've been told a lot about
them, and apparently you haven't "lived" in England until you try one.
Our Ward Mission Leader bought a couple for us. Tthey were the size of a fire log.
Apparently the biggest ones you can find in Ashton. They are
originally from the Middle East or India? But that's what most of the
fast-food restaurants or "Chippy's" seem to be like over here. The
number one food here in England is the curry, which also is Indian. 
Just goes to show the diversity of this place.

This week we also tracted into a woman who is the mother of a convert
of 4 years. She invited us in and we have since taught her twice!
She receives the Ensign every month, and has a picture of the Hawaii
temple in her bedroom. Why she isn't a member?  Just has never felt
the need. We'll we have had two great lessons with her. The next
step is getting her to church! Her name is Barbara..

We'll apparently it has been one year since I have been out but

I'll tell you that it does not feel like it. I have had such a great
year, and I am excited what is in store! I know this gospel is true,
and there is nowhere else I would rather be than amongst these English
folks :)
Love you all!

Elder Eliason

P.S - Tell Dallin he needs to email me...

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