Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, July 25, 2011

It's Time for a Bike Ride Elder!

Pancakes...a little on the crispy side.

Peanut Butter! First time in a loooooong time. You dont realize what you have in America!

Here is Elder Okeson, who I went on exchanges with this week.

Flat tire...

Hiya Family!
First of all, my heart goes out to Derin, Lisa, and family. It was a hard thing to hear about Sunday morning, but as I hung up the phone, I was reassured with my knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. What a blessing it is to know and understand that plan! I remember playing catch with Scotty as a kid, he'll be missed!
This week was a rainy and wet week, but such a great week for Elder Youles and I.
First of all we "resurrected" the bikes that have been sitting in the corner for the past year. We put new tubes on and that was that. We did it so that we can reach the more far parts of our area. Seeing early on in this transfer that the immediate Ashton area, has been pounded pretty hard.
On Tuesday Elder Youles and I used our new bikes and traveled to Stalybridge to tract. We ran into a man named Anthony, who let us right in. We soon came to realize that he had been taught before, but lost contact with the missionaries. We taught him the Restoration and he seemed to be a little confused surrounding the Apostasy. To resolve this concern we used his chess pieces to demonstrate how after Jesus Christ was crucified, people had replaced other pieces, because they could not remember the full set of pieces or "truth."  After teaching simply about the apostasy, he said it all made sense, and agreed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. 

Since then we have seen him 3 other times!  Then on Sunday we left the flat at 7:30 to walk an hour to him, and then an hour to the church building. He is now dated for the 13th of August. What a miracle! 
Another miracle we witnessed was also by tracting. We were going through Kings Road and we met a woman named Joan (shout-out to Grandma!), she gave us 20 minutes of her time and we taught her the Restoration. She was so in-tune with what we were saying she accepted to come to church next week, and she even let us do her garden!
Upon leaving her house, two doors down from her we met IIrene, another woman who let us into her house. She accpeted our message as well, and said she too would read and pray about the Book of Mormon. 
I don't know where all of these people will take what we shared with them, and I dont know if we will even see them again. That is up to them and their desire to heed the promptings. But I do know that the Lord is preparing people to recieve us and the restored gospel, He will lead us to them or he will lead them to us!
This week I was also able to go on an exchange with Elder Okeson, a Chinese speaking missionary from Michigan, who currently lives in China. We taught two Chinese lessons and it was so great to be in one again. When you are a missionary you really get to see the magnitude of this work going forward! It is being reached to just about everybody, in just about every tongue. I am grateful to be a part of this work, and to work where the Lord see's fit for me to be!
I know that the message we share with people each day is from the Lord. God has a plan, one that brings eternal joy and satisfaction. Through choosing to abide with truth, we have the power to recieve blessings. Because it is all in our agency! Through "choosing" to serve a mission I have come to "know" my Heavenly Father more fully, and desire to obey him more completely.
Elder Eliason
This next week I will be starting my "manual" driving lessons. Could be interesting.. haha. I am paying the man up front so don't be alarmed with the withdrawal... :)
This week we have our first interviews with President Preston!




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  1. I have a missionary serving in England Manchester mission as well, and came across your blog!!

    My missionary's current companion is Elder Okeson!!! That is so neat :)