Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, July 18, 2011

Missing Ryhl, but Loving Ashton!

Amy, one of our progressing investigators in Rhyl.

The Rhyl Chapel

Liam, Liam, Liam!

A card I made for Liam before I left.

Dean, a recent convert from Rhyl

Me with Dean's "vibrating weight loss belt" and he with his famous dog "jack" that he loves to death.

Dear Sister Pritchard. She lives in a very nice retirement facility. And every so often we would go and have lunch with her. She's lovely!

BEFORE pics of some service we rendered to some Ysa in the ward. It took about an hour. I'll tell ya one thing I miss is mowing the lawn!

Before pic...

AFTER Pic...I think it turned out rather nice, eh?


Hello Family!
I'm coming to you in lots of rain... which I hope will come your way!  Lancashire county is a huge difference in weather it seems.
I told my companion how hot it is over in Texas, and he seems not to fathom it, haha.  Here they think 80 is up there. I wish I could let them feel the rush of humidity you feel as you walk out of the DFW airport...classic! 
It's been a good last half of the week, as I am finally settling into the area. Ashton reminds me alot of Wythenshawe, just with less council estates. We had church yesterday and it was good! In my opening testimony I spoke about a couple miracles that occurred in Rhyl, and then invited them to look for the same opportunities. But the ward is great! There are actually 2 wards in this area that meet at the same building. The only other place I can compare it to is up in Chorley with all the people moving near the temple. So most wards have the building to themselves, but not here. President Preston is actually a member of the Ashton 2nd ward (well, not anymore) and has been for a long time. And actually he was even the stake president of the Ashton Stake for some years.
Speaking of President Preston...He gave me a call this past Friday evening, which surprised me. It's not everyday that you get a call from the Mission President!  He called to see how I was enjoying his "hometown" and then told me of a phone call he had with Elder Donaldson (Area Seventy from Rhyl Ward) and then thanked Elder Harris and I for some work we had done. I was amazed that he took the time to give me a ring!  He is just the most sincere man you will ever meet. He brings a different spin to the work, and it is a huge blessing to be a part of it!
Here in Ashton we have a man named Paul who is very close to baptism. He has been taught just about everything, and now we are just working on the Word of Wisdom with him. It is a blessing to come into his teaching process.

Sunday evening I started speaking to a woman who looked very familiar, I then looked into the car and her husband also looked familiar. And then it clicked. I said "Hey, wait, I taught you on the beach in Rhyl, 3 weeks ago, right?"  They affirmed and were amazed at the "coincidence" that it was to see them again. They even had the Book of Mormon in the car and were still waiting for a phone call. I found out that they actually live in Ashton and they wanted us to come around! We all know that it wasn't a "coincidence," it was meant to be, and it is the task of Elder Youles and I to see why they have been placed in our path again!
I believe the one thing that I have learned the most thus far in my mission is to feel for and act upon promptings. It is very real, and without it, this work would halt. I am grateful for Preach My Gospel, the White Handbook, and scriptures for teaching me how I may qualify for the Holy Ghost. I think of D&C 4 and it brings to mind what it is that "qualifies us" in this work. Just in that example you are able to ask yourself "Am I qualified?"... then make corrections to bring in the spirit with more power.  

To sum it up, I love my new area. Being transferred brings such a freshness to the work... and I just love the new Mission President...all is well!
Elder Eliason

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