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Cody portrait

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hello Ashton-under-lyne!

Dear Familia,

What a week! I have since left Rhyl and have been transferred to Ashton-under-lyne, which is just outside of good to be back!

This is now my 4th area, and 4th different Zone...Zone's are separated by stakes, coming recently from the Chester stake. I am also now reunited with Elder Moss. He is now my Zone Leader, so great!

My new companion is Elder Youles from London! My first Brit! He came out one after me, and we are looking forward to a miracle-filled transfer!

I cannot even tell you how much I am going to miss Rhyl. This happens every time! Not until after you leave do you realize how much you are going to miss the area and people. Especially the Rhyl Ward. It's the first time that we have been the only missionaries in the ward, and so it has led to many more friendships.

Update on Liam:

Well it is kind of a sad story with Liam... As you know he was doing amazing, and really changing his life around. But then he took a vacation back to Liverpool, and didn't come back with the same "fire" he had before. We soon found out that he had taken back to alcohol again, and it really messed with his progression.  This being the third time that it has happened. Every time he takes back to the drink is like another punch to his confidence. He builds it up with us, and through prayer, but then gives into temptation..

And so he has told us that he just "cannot believe in God." He says he tried hard, but to not no avail. So in a sense he has given up. Which is sad, and has been hard to take because he is such a good man, and I got to know his so well.  I just kept telling him how much I wanted him to get off the alcohol and see his son again. And as a friend the best way that I can help is through the gospel.  I know that he understands that, it's just that his will power to find it out is not there. 

So the decision was to drop him for about a month, and give him time to sit on it... We did however go back and say goodbye to him, and you could just tell he missed us. I was able to make a little collage of pictures for him... and he gave me an awesome Liverpool tie and scarf. 

It was devastating to see him slip back into the misery that his alcohol addiction brings. I just want him to be happy! But its not the end, I'll be in contact with him for years to amazing man.

I also got to go and say goodbye to Kirsty. Apparently she has been in Ireland, and hasn't been able to take our calls. She since has lost some interest and motivation, but is still interested to see us and set up an appointment....
On my last day in Rhyl we had such a miracle. For the past two weeks we have had a member referral show up to church. With that happening, we seized to set up an appointment last week for last night. We also set it up to be in the home of Elder Donaldson, who is in our ward, who is an Area Seventy, and AMAZING man.  It was the best lesson I have had since being in Rhyl! This woman, Kate, is so prepared!  She is going through a lot of hardship with raising her four kids on her own. And with the message we shared with her, her eyes and face just lit up. Of course, I am sad to be leaving her after only one lesson,  but I know that this is the Lords work, and if I was only supposed to teach the first lesson, then I am fine with that! I am just grateful to have been a part of it.

That is so good to hear that Grandpa Eliason has taken to the "Sacred Missionary Doc." I wish I could be there to testify of it! And it is so good to hear Dallin's having a good time on HT...feels like yesterday! Such a rich experience that I still remember so vividly! 

This past week I have been giving a lot of thought to what I have "become" on my mission thus far. I have had time to reflect and enjoy the memories, or ward members, companions, and recent converts. I just love being a missionary. Elder Cowley hit it on the head. On your mission you will have never had so many "lows," while also never having as many "highs." I look back and see what I have learned, and take from that and press forward. There is so much to accomplish, so many more people to meet and teach. I'm excited for what is in store.


Elder Eliason

P.S. I took many pictures whilst leaving Rhyl. I'll send them next week! :)

New Address (for now):

18 Sheldon Court

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  1. So, I have a missionary in Manchester, and I stumbled upon this blog through google! My missionary was JUST serving in Ashton-under-Lyne!! :) He'll love the area!