Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Don't You Ever Stop Tracting Bungalows!"

Hello Family!
It's news to me that Conno is playing football?!  What position?! ... Cannot wait for pics of him two-steppin' into the end zone, and doing his famous "T.O" touchdown dance...haha!
As for myself this week has been fabulous. It started with Elder Cunningham and I heading to Zone Leader Council at the mission home, which was such a good experience. Zone Leader Council will always be one of the highlights to the transfer.
It was good to see all the "crew" and spend some time with President Preston and his wife. It went from 10am to 5pm, with many things being discussed, such as trainings, and dated investigators in the mission. We also had some trainings from the Assistants and President.  
But the main meat of the meeting was a 2 hour discussion on "working with members." President Preston feels very strongly that this is an area that we can improve on which is true. We are very very good at finding and teaching through our own efforts, but seem to be struggling with getting referrals from members. So for 2 hours we counseled on ways that we can see this improve. Over this 2 hours we came up with a "point system" that has to do with member work. It is something that President is really excited about and so am I! It will be going mission-wide in a couple of weeks and we soon expect to see member work become more effective.
Speaking about member work, I was able to introduce myself to the Chester Ward this past Sunday and what a warm welcome they were! Within a week, no matter what ward you attend in our church you feel is something else! 
Yesterday, with it being bank holiday, us four Chester Elders were able to go to the Preston temple! It really is such a privilege to have a temple in the mission boundaries! Elder Cunningham spoke to a man that is actually from where he is from in Arizona. After they got talking he told Elder Cunningham of his daughter that is less-active, and after further discussion found out that she lives in Elder Cunningham's neighborhood! After swapping info the man informed Elder Cunningham that he was an answer to his prayer. If there is anybody that can "re-activate", it's definitely Elder Cunningham. What a miracle!
This week I choose a road to tract and as we arrived we saw that it was all bungalows a.k.a, the gathering of old folks. Both of us aren't so hot on tracting old people's homes. But before we left, I remembered a weird dream that I had a couple of transfers ago.
Elder Harris and I were tracting bungalows and decided to leave early to get to another part of town. And then I was stopped by a old woman, who yelled at me, "Don't you ever stop tracting bungalows!" This was something that I told Elder Cunningham and we laughed about it for awhile...well, actually, still laugh about it... But the point was that we stayed and tracted out the street. We were able to set up 3 appointments and even taught a lesson on the spot. All were YSA (young single adult) aged! You know what they say: Don't judge a book by its cover. Well, the same goes for missionary work. We were led to a spot and even though we may have disliked its appearance, we overcame our preconceived notions and ended up seeing great miracles. Moral or the story: Dreams can act as a reproof? Yeah I don't get it either...    
This past Sunday afternoon Elder Cunningham and I ended up in Mold early for a Tea appointment.  So we decided to prayerfully choose a street to tract. Elder Cunningham said "something that starts with New..." We looked it up in the map, and found that there was actually a "New St."  So we parked up and hit it, and we soon ran into a woman by the name of Sharon. We talked about families and helped her to answer some questions. We then committed her to sit down with us to share a lesson. She accepted and we then taught her the Restoration. It was such a miracle to be led to her! I know that by praying to know specifically where to go we were blessed to know where to go. One of the great blessings of being a missionary is to seek revelation so often and be able to act immediately!
This week we had Carol and her daughter Claire attend church! Claire was able to attend Young Womens, and is really starting to fit in with all the other girls. Carol also is loving Church! And she looks like she just feels comfortable being there.  
We are still teaching her regularly, and she is doing very well. We are working on helping her cut down some things to live the Word of Wisdom.
I can't tell you how much I enjoy being back with Elder Cunningham. We work very well together and he is just hilarious. It is a great blessing to serve with a companion again to see how far be both have come since that time!    
Elder Eliason

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