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Cody portrait

Monday, August 8, 2011

..."We know that what we do is true."

Cricket... grip it and rip it...

Elder Youles used to be a body builder. He was showing me a few tricks. As for me, it's been awhile...

Hiya Fam! 

Wow what a week for the Eliason fam! Jord is engaged! Dallin got his patriarchal blessing!... I tell you it's the best being a missionary because every Monday its like getting a "top 10" from SportsCenter.. except you get it all from your family.. ahh, its so good! 

I emailed Jord, but again let him know of my congrats! What a stud!

As for me, its been as always a fantastic week. It started last Monday with a game of cricket with most of the Zone. It was a lot of fun, and I was swinging the bat like it was a game of baseball. Still don’t know much about the rules. All we did was protect the wickets and grip it and rip it. Made for a good time!

This past district meeting was on “Teaching People, not Lessons.” We really focused on teaching to the investigator, and not a lesson per say. That really is why Preach My Gospel came about, to shift from teaching discussions to teaching by the spirit and to the needs of the people. 

It is something that President Preston has really stressed since coming in. He is one of the most personable people you will meet, and see’s the individual, not the group. He’s a great example to the rest of us.

This week we again met with Anthony, but after teaching him decided to drop him. He has not been keeping commitments, and doesn’t seem to want to budge from what “He” believes. It takes a lot to drop someone, because that means more time finding, but it is a way of showing our faith that our time needs to be spent with someone else who will act upon the message.

This week we saw Paul a couple of times and is still doing pretty well. We have taught him everything, and now the ball is in his court. He is scheduled to be baptised in two weeks, but needs to cut off smoking. It is a hard thing for him to do, but we know that if he allows himself to gain such faith, that he can quit for life… the only thing is it is his decision not ours.

He loved church this Sunday, and particularly loves gospel doctrine because of the man who teaches it. It is Brother Greathead, who is 6’9 and built like Leonard Davis of the Cowboys. His voice shakes the place as he teaches us about the New Testament. Paul just loves him…

We also took him up to the mission home fireside yesterday. It seemed like the whole mission showed up. We missionaries had to stay outside, as there was only enough room for the investigators. It was good to see old friends and companions and to see how they're doing. It's always such an inspiring sight to see all the missionaries and their investigators! It has such a sense of unity. 

People would look at our gathering and think that all of us are crazy to be here in England at the age of 19-21 and away from our families and friends for two years. What I would tell to them is we know that what we do is true. So simple, but has had the effect on all of us enough to bring us to sacrifice what we had at home for what we could do for others over here!      

This week I learned a great lesson from reading Alma 32. The chapter is about how we can acquire faith. But not only faith alone but a testimony in a principle of the gospel, example: Tithing, Word of Wisdom, etc. What I learned from this chapter is what the Lord requires of us… and what we can expect from the Lord.

In vs. 27 Alma states that we must have a “desire." This is the beginning...we must have a desire, a real desire to search what it is that we want to gain a testimony of.

It continues in the same verse to say that we must "give place," or choose to "sacrifice" and make adjustments to make this principle apart of our lives. Then in verse 28 we learn that we must "not cast it out by our unbelief" OR give up when it gets tough.

After we have kept those requirements immediate actions take place...we feel, in the words of Alma, “swelling motions”, “enlarges our soul” and “enlightens our understanding." This is the evidence of the faith in which we show. This happens until it comes to a “knowledge”(vs.34), not a belief, but a knowledge! This is something that I have been able to relate with investigators and tell them what the Lord expects of the them.

I testify that the process in which Alma spoke is real! I have felt that witness to my heart, and I know that God lives, that Jesus is the Christ, and the Saviour of the entire world. And if we live true to that knowledge by keeping covenants we can literally be with our families again. How grateful I am for this knowledge, and the time that I have to share it!

This week I also have had a couple of driving lessons…things are moving along smoothly. I am liking this whole manual thing!! But this small streets and tight spaces… not so much.

Today we are going through a tour of Manchester City stadium. Looking forward to it!
Love you all!

Elder Eliason

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