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Cody portrait

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Called as Zone Leader in Chester Zone

Congrats to Carly! Glad to hear everything went as planned!
I'm sorry I forgot to tell you that transfers were this week, so I'm coming to you a bit later than usual... But some exciting news is that I'm not in Ashton anymore! I have been transferred to Chester to serve with Elder Cunningham as a Zone Leader of the Chester Zone. It was quite the surprise to find out that I would already be leaving. President Preston called Sunday morning to inform me of the change so I had time to say goodbye to some of the members... But it is good to be back in the Zone from whence I had just left, Chester, like Wales, is a gorgeous place!
It is also just as good to be back serving with Elder Cunningham! Whom I just love so much! Working last night was just like old times. A lot of good things are going to happen this transfer!
As for the situation here in Chester we have a proper house that we live in. We share it with another Chester companionship that moved into the area two transfers ago. Another change is that we have a car, which is why I need to get my license ASAP! I've had some of my final lessons, now I just need to sign up and take the driving test! 
We have a total of 18 missionaries in the Zone and 4 of them are missionaries I have served with. 
We now also have a lot more meetings. Tonight we are meeting with the Stake President and President Preston, and tomorrow we will drive to the mission home for an all-day Zone Leader Council Meeting. What an opportunity this is! To continue to learn from my leaders is something I am looking forward to...
As for a summary of the week in Ashton:
Paul is doing well and should be baptised in the next couple of weeks, he just needs some time to further strengthen his testimony.
Last week I told you about "Scott," who was the step-brother of a recent convert. Well we ended up teaching him this past Tuesday in the recent converts home, and what a lesson! She (Janine) was able to answer all of his questions that investigators have. It is priceless to have a recent convert as a fellow shipper, and with her being family, even better.  
This lesson reminded me of how I left Rhyl. The last night Elder Harris and I had an amazing lesson with Kate (she is being baptised this week), and then I left. Once again the same thing happened. But how I've looked at it is I don't see the teaching of Scott as a "one-day miracle." Elder Youles and I being obedient and working hard for an entire transfer was us showing the Lord that we wanted to see success. Because, in order for us to be blessed with a baptism we must show the Lord that he can trust us with who he places in our path. 
So therein lies the main "work" for a baptism. The times when I don't have many to teach, and it seems like I am finding all the day long, it's In those moments of "trial" that I have to exercise faith, continue to be diligent and optimistic and therefore prove myself worthy to find a prepared person by the Lord.
This for me is where happiness lies as a missionary...not counting baptisms, or getting the most stats. To me happiness as a missionary comes from the satisfaction that I am doing what the Lord wants me to be doing. And then to put trust in Him and go forward. And whether or not it gets easier or harder it doesn't matter, because I'll know that it is for my good and benefit.
I also was able to go on a 3-day exchange with Poppa, Elder Moss!  And it was on August 18th. The exact day that I stepped into the mission, and he and I became companions. Crazy! We talked a lot about the good ole days in Wythenshawe and could not believe it has been a year... It's such a good thing that he was a young missionary when he trained me. Most trainers are gone after about a year. So its good to continue to be with him until he leaves in February.
This next week we are headed on a Church History Tour as a mission. President Preston knows some people who know the history like champs, so that should be exciting...
Have a fantastic week, and I'll pray for the rain for Texas!
Elder Eliason

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