Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Royal Wedding...Passed Theory Test...Faith in the Lord's Timetable

Bore Da!

Well after this so called "Royal Wedding" and 4-day holiday I am finally writing!  It's been a good week. Sun is still out all the time and the face is getting quite tan...while the neck is staying quite white. Tan line looks... well... nice.

I passed my driver's theory test! The same lady was working the counter and you better believe I got my signature on the first try! She even made a comment when I came up, "Oh, I remember you." But now that I have passed, it is time to get some driving lessons and learn how to drive a stick.

This week we spent a lot of time teaching Leon, our miracle kid who ran up to us. We taught him nearly four times and he was doing very well. We even found him a white shirt and tie for Sunday. But as Sunday arrived, his phone was turned off and he didn't show. Later in the day we called him and his Dad told us he wanted to slow it down. It was hard for us to hear but we will give him another call in a week or so. I know Leon is amazing and he will turn it around! 

On Sunday we had two appointments fall through, while also having Leon drop us, so I started to get frustrated, but while walking through the bus station Kirsty ran us down and said "I'm back from Ireland!" This was while she was sitting there with her friends who were mocking her for talking to "Bible People." She was not phased and was excited to see us. She said she was headed to Liverpool for two days then would be back. She said "text me Wednesday and I'll see you then!" It was such a tender mercy for us that we needed.

That's one of the biggest lessons I have learned here in Rhyl. God is in control. We do not know what is in store or what will happen in a week. All things are done in wisdom. I have seen it again and again. I will get a little bit down or frustrated, wondering why no one will listen. Then BAM...we see a miracle. I have learned bit by bit how patience is necessary in missionary work. It has taught me to put away my "time-table" and have faith in the Lord's.  

This past week we were able to be at a tea appointment with an older couple in the ward. They went on about the history of the church in this area. I was amazed at all the events that have occurred here. The first church in Northern Wales was in Abergele, (which is where we found Kirsty). Dan Jones and John Taylor were there preaching. And in the town just 10 minutes away, Rhuddlan, they used to ring a bell in the town centre to have everyone come out and listen to the missionaries. It brought back the rush of excitement I felt as I read about the history of our mission in our binder at the beginning of my stay in the Preston MTC.  I truly am grateful to be apart of the EMM (England Manchester Mission), and to continue in adding to the history.

Yes, we did get to watch the Royal Wedding! It was quite the event. We watched it at the home of a less active Bonnie and Martin. There have been flags and banners everywhere for the past couple of weeks. It was exciting to be over here for the event, something I will remember for awhile!

Tonight we have Dinner with a member of the Area Seventy, Elder Donaldson. He is a member of the Rhyl ward and has just gotten back into town. So that will be exciting!

I wont be able to Skype this time, but I will call you around 3:00 over here, which will be about 9:00 am over there.

Talk to you soon!


Elder Eliason

THANK YOU FOR THE CARDS! did you get a deal on the big size cards? I like it. Whats next... poster size? All I need is a poster size card of Dallin flexin it at the gym. That will give me the will power to workout.

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