Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, May 23, 2011

"The Lord doesn't only lead us to the elect, He leads the elect to us."

Bore Da! Hiya Hiya!

I know I keep talking about all this sun we've been getting...This week was different. Downpour...but nothing changed! We've still been running all over the town!

We saw Kirsty this week! She is doing so good! With her busy schedule, we've only been able to see her once a week, but she still is coming along. We are now in the "good stuff" teaching the commandments. We taught the Word of Wisdom this past time and it was a surprise to her but after our member's testimony, and some promised blessings, she accepted. She has some things to overcome, but she is determined. She even said, "Ya know, it is about time I stop smoking. I've done it before, I can do it again."

We knew the Word of Wisdom would be one of the hardest for her so we went in bold and started with it.  She really needs a faith building experience, and overcoming the Word of Wisdom and seeing the blessings is one way to see that faith grow.

I don't know if I ever told you about Liam. He was a man we taught and then saw him come to church with us. The only problem was that he dropped us right after sacrament meeting. He said, "I just cant believe in God, and I don't want to waste your time."  We tried our best to convince him that he wasn't, but it didn't seem to work, and he left....

Well, since that time we spotted him in the Rhyl town centre, and ran him down to see how we was doing. I told him to give us one more lesson. He agreed and, oh, we had an AMAZING lesson with him. We read Mormon 9, and focused on how he could gain faith. This lesson was 10 times better than the first in that he wasn't having a negative "I can't" statement every 2 minutes. We ended the lesson with a kneeling prayer and committed him to do his own "kneeling prayer" that night. He didn't accept a commitment to come to church, but said he would read and pray

Well at around 9:10 that night we got a text..."Hey Elda, I prayed for my son and family. See you at church on Sunday." And he surely did come! And stayed the entire time! The ward was AMAZING at fellow shipping him. I think he met the entire ward. He was even introduced in Priesthood. (He loved that). And our High Priest Group Leader would stop during the lesson and explain our "terms" as members. (Home teaching, Priesthood, etc). It was a much better time at church for him this time. We are planning on playing football with him this week, and seeing him tomorrow to teach!  What a miracle..

Also, he is from Liverpool. That makes 3 of our investigators from there. Kirsty, David, and Liam...No wonder they're so great. I cant get enough of their accent. "That Book is well nice Elda"  -Liam

This week I headed to Colwyn Bay for an exchange with Elder Hansen. (I came out with him, and was in the same district in the MTC). While in Colwyn Bay Elder Hansen and I were blessed to be apart of many miracles. We had the day planned out for finding pretty much all day with no investigator lessons planned..  We ended up teaching 3 lessons with 7 new investigators. I credit that to Elder Hansen's urgency and finding skills. He has been working on applying our "finding" training and was able to keep finding "interesting" which as a result kept us up beat, on our toes, giving full attention to our finding. We were able to teach 2 on the spot being in the rain!  What a trooper she was!

The other reason for the miracles was simply out of the tender mercies of the Lord. We had a mother run us down to have us speak to her son. After speaking to him, she invited us over that evening. We went and taught the entire family. It goes to show that Lord doesn't only lead us to the elect, He leads the elect to us.  We just have to be ready and worthy to receive them.

I don't know why but in the past two weeks we have had TWO flat inspections. No worries though the flat has always been clean.

Elder Corbin and I also learned this week some interesting things about a town called "St. George," which is just a couple miles to the west. We were told by the members that back in the early days the entire town was baptised, then migrated to the U.S. There is so much history in this mission...

Sports Day is this Wednesday.. aka Showtime...


Elder Eliason

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