Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Love Zone Conferences...Spiritually Fed

The Royal Wedding. It was quite an event over here as you can imagine. 

Our best attempt at a ping pong table.

Another winner past Elder Corbin. I've still got it... Like the matchy shirts?

Zone Conference! Zone Leaders in coats.

Hello, Hello!

I hope I answered most of your questions yesterday on the phone call!  but I'll add some little tid-bits on the week that I might not of mentioned...

We had Zone Conference this past week and it sure was a good one! I got to meet up with Elder Moss and catch up. He is now a Zone Leader in Newcastle and is doing great. We had our "generation" picture. Him with me and Elder Corbin. He still is as funny as ever. We had a good laugh talking about our times together, and all of our experiences. Crazy to think it has been 6 months since I was walking the streets with him.

President Bullock during Zone Conferences likes to speak on something for our benefit, rather than a "training." I love that he does that because it really helps us build upon our own testimonies and learn more in-depth about the gospel. Topics he has spoken about in the past:
  • Allegory of the Olive Tree in Depth
  • The Great Apostasy
  • Sign of the Second Coming
  • 2 Steps to Personal Apostasy
A s you can see, they are some pretty interesting topics that always get us as missionaries excited for Zone Conferences. 

This one was "True Evidences of the Reality of the Book of Mormon." He of course started off telling us that a testimony of the Book of Mormon is only true and lasting when based on a witness through the spirit. But he went on to add that "evidences" can act as appendages to a testimony. He went through a PowerPoint of all of these so called "witnesses" he would call up to the stand. It was very interesting! 

I know I touched upon the Tea Appointment with Elder Donaldson on the phone call but it truly was a memorable experience. He has so much knowledge about the gospel and such a conviction for missionary work. Elder Corbin and I asked all the questions we could. He also printed off  a "Prophecies about the U.K" that he got from another Seventy. It was written by Parley P. Pratt and Joseph Smith and isn't widely known about. It was about some things that are to come and some that have already happened. It was profound! 

On Tuesday we contacted a 20 year old, David Gallacher on the street. He accpeted to be taught right then, and loved the message. He just moved from Liverpool (no wonder he was so great!) and is staying with his grandpa. After he walked away we got a text from him saying "Am lookin forward to learning more about this. Everything you said makes sense. See you Thursday, David."  We indeed did see him on Thursday and he was well excited for everything. He had read 3 chapters of the Book of Mormon and is doing great! The only problem is that he is a chav, and they have a reputation to lose contact. But we'll see!

Tonight I will be back in Wythenshawe! We are heading there early to stay the night in preparation for Elder Packer of the Seventy.


Elder Eliason

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