Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, February 7, 2011

Week Filled with Miracles...

Hiya Family! Ya’right?!

Well it’s a gorgeous day here in Liverpool compared to what you have
been experiencing in Tejas. 4 snow days?! What is this? Seems my
middle school prayer was finally answered…5 years late. Haha. But
good for ya'll! I’m sure mom enjoyed the kids around. Ping pong? Skip

Liverpool is just the greatest place! I love it here with all the
different people I meet.  Scousers love to talk, and that's good,
because so do we.

Well it again has been a week filled with miracles. We taught 22
lessons this week and found 9 new investigators. 6 of them are
Chinese. Mé Jewfóó! (beautiful blessings). My vocab is limited
during lessons but it still is a blast to teach them. What usually
happens is, Elder Jin and Eggers teach most of the lesson then
occasionally pass it to me to bear testimony of a principle, usually
the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ.

While teaching Chinese my testimony has surely been strengthened. We
invite everyone at the beginning of the lesson to pay attention to how
they feel. We tell them not to believe us. We say that they will know
the truthfulness of what we share through the feelings of the spirit.
I have been able to be the perfect example. I have no idea what is
being said. But I do know that whatever they are saying is true.
Especially when they say “Jer doá” or “I know” I can feel the
sincerity and truthfulness of the testimony they bear.

This past week we have taught Darren and Nathan (our miracle tracting
duo) four times, every day they have been able to. They are just
amazing!  Darren said “One week ago, I didn’t believe in God but now
I can say that there is. You convinced me.” It was so great to hear his
simple testimony he had gained in such short time. But I had to
correct him. I said “We do not convince anyone, we are simple
messengers and witnesses of Jesus Christ...God does the convincing.”
We explained more about the role of the spirit and its conversion
power. We explained that using eloquence or "proving" the Book of
Mormon true would get us nowhere. The spirit is what bears witness. It
was a powerful lesson.

Du Xin was able to come to church yesterday, as well as the Mission
home fireside. He still has such a great love for coming to church!
The only problem we may face is the opposition of school. He has
limited time to see us because of his priority of school. Just like
all the Chinese students. But nevertheless he still continues to be a stud.

One scripture I really liked this week is 3 Nephi 18:20. It is right
after Jesus institutes the sacrament. He then instructs them on
prayer. He says, "Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name,
which is right, believing that ye shall receive, behold it shall be
given unto you." I see a step by step process here. First I need to
make sure it is "right" or according to his will. That can be by
prayer. Then after I know it's alright, then I must have the faith
sufficient enough to receive. And I SHALL receive. I know this
to be true. I have been able to use the power of prayer while being here in
England. I know he does answer. And of course in his own time,
sometimes that takes humility on my part to accept his timetable and
not mine. But he does answer, and I take great comfort in that direct
line I have with my Father in heaven.

1 Nephi 19:9: one of my favorites at the moment.

English class is getting there.Two weeks we should be starting. Just
need to finalize the place and getting the posters hung up!


Elder Eliason

We were out finding all day long in the rain, people thought we were
nuts, and it worked in our advantage--12 appointments! Thought we would
capture the moment.

Liverpool flag with "You'll never walk alone" motto.

England Football jersey, greatest material in the world...


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