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Cody portrait

Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Week Has Blasted By!

Hiya Family!!
Another week has blasted by! It feels like I arrived in Liverpool 2 weeks ago. With all the work we have been doing time has just been flyin'. 
But another great week here in Liverpool! We had Sports Day last Monday with the Zone, it was great. Played footie for as long as "us Americans" could handle it. We then had to bring in the basketball!
Update on Du Xin:
Du Xin is hard to get a read on because he is such a reserved kid. He always agrees to what we say, and we really don't ever have any problems with him not accepting something we teach. We got a warning from the Zone Leaders who ran into him.  They told us he said he wont make it to church. We ended up meeting with him the next day teaching about the Sabbath Day. We really emphasized the blessings that come from keeping it a day of rest, and more importantly coming to church! He accepted it and promised to come... He followed through and showed up yesterday! So he is doing well! We still have to work around his busy study schedule but progress is still moving.
Update on Nicole:
Nicole is just amazing! We had a great lesson with her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and baptism on Tuesday. She loved it so much she wanted us to come back the next day so we did! The only problem with Nicole is getting to church. She works all night Saturday...that's the next step.
Update on Ju:
Ju is a Chinese student that Elder Jin contacted near downtown Liverpool. We taught him Saturday night in his dorm and he was a star.  We found out that he has read the entire Bible. How great it was to hear that! What's another 500 pages? He accepted baptism and a date with surety. He then came to church yesterday and loved it. He even got to hear President Bullock speak in sacrament meeting. He loved his talk. We are now seeing him tonight and maybe everyday this week! Woo!
We taught a household full of people from India this week. They didn't understand everything we taught, but we invited them to attend church. Patrick (his name) said to me during Gospel Principles in his pure Indian accent, "You get to share your own experiences? Wow, in the Catholic church we don't do that. Nice. Very Nice."
In my daily Book of Mormon reading, I am now in Mormon. In chapter 9 I came across a scripture that has stuck with me over the week. First off, Mormon chapter 9 has got to be one of the best chapters in the book! At the beginning Moroni is talking to the people who deny the revelations of God and gifts that are given. He says in verse 8 : "Behold I say unto you, he that denieth these things knoweth not the Gospel of Christ; yea, he has not read the scriptures; if so, he does not understand them."
I applied that to not just deny the revelations of God, but also a single commandment or a testimony of the Book of Mormon. When we 'deny' or don't have a full testimony of a principle it's because we may not fully understand it. That's where 'study' comes into play. We must work hard to make sure that we fully understand what it is that we must do. I love this scripture because it helps investigators understand that they must work for a testimony. They will not know that the Book of Mormon is true unless they work for it; They must read it, study it and pray about it! They are then promised they will know it is true and from that see the blessings of exercising their faith. 
This upcoming week is our "Megwatzi Party" (American Food night) We have decided to make Tacos. French Toast was the initial idea, but there seems to be no 'quality' maple syrup in England. We are excited for the turn out!  They all seem to be excited. Pressure is on!
Elder Eliason  

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