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Cody portrait

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Xing-Foo! (Happiness)


Hiya Hiya again from Tuebrook, Liverpoooool.

First off, I'm sorry I wasn’t clear last letter about my situation
here in Liverpool! About 7 months ago the mission started receiving
Chinese speaking missionaries to attend to the influx of Chinese
students in Liverpool, Manchester, Preston and Gueweren. 

Recently there has been a lot of success with the Chinese people so we have been
blessed with even more Chinese speakers. One of them being Elder
Fawcett my new companion.  But because they don’t fully have Chinese
down, the need for Elder Jin (from mainland China) is here to help them
learn, and help through lessons with the Chinese people. That is why we are
now in a threesome. And we will continue to be throughout the
transfer. President Bullock is working on trying to get Elder Jin to
become a senior companion, but that comes with him learning more
English. So until that happens he will continue to be in a three-some.

Elder Moss in Preston has even more responsibility. He is in a
foursome, training a missionary from Taiwan and being the senior
companion to two other Americans learning Chinese.

But it is a very exciting time. The mission is changing and it is so
great to be apart of it!

There have been 7 Chinese baptisms here in Liverpool in the past 6
months. And we will do our best to keep that coming!

I have to say the people are nicer here in Liverpool. A lot more
people want to speak with you. They also have a completely different
accent than those in Manchester. It crazy to know you can travel 30 minutes
anywhere in England and get a different accent. I love it!

But this past week has been straight work. As of right now we have no solid
investigators so we have been finding, finding, finding! Unfortunately
we haven’t been able to go up to the university because school is
still out for the holidays, so our focus has been the streets of
Liverpool. A couple of days ago Elder Fawcett picked a street to
tract and we headed over to it on a bus. The whole time we traveled
I talked to a woman and wasn’t able to pay much attention to where we
were headed.

As soon as I stepped of the bus...BOOM, there was Liverpool's Football
stadium. And I mean directly in front. It was like getting
off a bus in Arlington, and be standing at the front gates of The
Ballpark. It's just funny how things work here in England. They have
a professional football team's stadium in the middle of a normal
neighbourhood. No parking lot, no nothing. Just a stadium.

Because of the "Bank Holiday" yesterday we had to cut P-Day two hours
short, so that we could e-mail today. That proved to work out well
for us, in that we were able to teach 3 lessons and find 4 new
investigators! That’s the most I've had in one day. Two of which
were Chinese: Wong, and Chen. Elder Jin and Elder Fawcett taught the
entire lesson; I sat there and smiled saying only one
word.."Xing-foo"(happiness) every once in a while. But it was the
coolest experience to see how the gospel is taught to all---In all

I love spreading this message with others! It’s sad to see everyday
people telling me that there is no God, that it’s all fake. I wish
they knew what I know. That there is a prophet and 12 apostles on the
earth today! I wish they knew how much peace and comfort that comes
from prayer and simply studying scriptures. I know this from
experience. I have received answers to prayers and I continue to
feel the influence and direction of the spirit in my life! It keeps me

I love being a missionary, and I sure do love these English, and now
Chinese people!


Elder Eliason

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