Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Title of Liberty: REMEMBER

Hello Hello!

I love the pictures! Reminds me of the snow days we had with Murphy and Chipper back in the day.... Murphy- R.I.P.

This week has been so great!  It seems everyone in Liverpool wants to talk to us, and the result has been 11 new investigators this past week. So blessed! Half of them were Chinese people so I didnt say much.. Only "Jerdoa, Jerdoa"..."True, True"..haha. But I love it!  The Chinese are so kind!

This past Zone Conference was amazing. We each had an hour to reflect and come up with our own "Title of Liberty." Each missionary got to stand on the pulpit  and "proclaim" and explain what they had written.

Mine was one of Remembrance. I listed things that I will always REMEMBER: chRist, covEnants, faMily, priEsthood, testiMony, Blessings, Emm (England Manchester Mission), and press foRward.

I did this for two reasons: myself, and those that see me. I want them to know that I remember each of these things and will continue to remember them. I remembered the word "REMEMBER" from Heritage Tours and went with it. In the story of the title of the liberty, Moroni did what he did because the people were "quick to forget the Lord their God." So I made my statement as one that I will remember always the steps I have taken in my life, and what means the most to me. And to lastly "press forward," to continue to grow, learn and become!

After that we had a great success of having one of our investigators (Lynn) to come to church! I don't know If I told you but we found her here on the street right out front of the Liverpool stadium! Crazy Area! But she loved church!

We are preparing to set up our own English Class at the university!  Elder Jinn, Fawcett and I have been working on a flyer for free language lessons to Chinese students. President Bullock gave us the idea and go-ahead so we have been getting exited for what that could become!

In my study this week I have learned a lot about "Conversion." Ammon, through the spirit converted the Lamanites to a level that "they never did fall away." That is what my goal is here! Not to just baptize but to lead and guide to get to the temple! Conversion isn't complete without the Temple!

I’m grateful for all of you!

I miss you all!

Elder Eliason

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