Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, December 6, 2010

Power of Fasting and Prayer

Hiya Dearest Family!

It has been a cold one here in England. We saw our own little "winter wonderland" this past week. But thanks to my new scarf, I was warm! Well warm around the neck. I would have pictures for you but we forgot the camera. So anticipate them coming next week! :)

This week has flown by, which seems to be a theme. So Elder Cunningham and I are doing our best to get the most out this last month of 2010!

Update on Martin:

He slipped on the Word of Wisdom and has been moved to the 18th, but continues to be amazing.  He is getting through a lot of hard times at the moment, and has received much help from the gospel coming into his life.

Update on Mike:

He is set for the 11th and is doing well. He continues to share how blessed he has been since taking the lessons from us. We took him to the President's fireside last night and he loved it! He was even supposed to leave early but continued to stay after feeling of the sweet spirit in the home of President and Sister Bullock.

Last week's "focus" was "New Investigators" and to meet the standard of four. We struggled at the beginning of this week because of the snow. Street contacting wasn't the most effective, so we took our efforts mostly to the buses. We brought so much Christmas spirit to those buses we should of received payment!  But we went top floor and bottom floor, looking for those wonderful "prepared" people to teach! Still we didn't have much luck.

We tried getting creative, asking people if we could sing a carol duet to them, or even share a Christmas message. Still, people wouldn't let us in to teach! And on Sunday at around 4:00 we had only one new investigator, with only an hour and a half left before we headed to a fireside with Mike. 

We decided to cut tea (dinner) and tract. We said a prayer, asking to be led to three people to teach. We went house to house and nothing was coming of it until we reached house number 28 adorned with Christmas lights. Two women came to the door a mom and a daughter, we had a great conversation, and answered many of there simple questions. This was so great but there were only two of them, and both were women. 

And by the rules there must be a male in the home or another woman for us to be able to go in. So we asked and the Mom said she had another daughter upstairs.."Wow" was all I could think.

We got in and taught them all. Lucy, Kate, and Suzy. It was an amazing lesson, they had such great questions retaining to the Restoration, so it made the lesson go smoothly. After leaving there home, I cant explain how happy Elder Cunningham and I were. We had both fasted and prayed to meet our goal of four new investigators and it came to pass! Some may call that a coincidence, I don't. I know that was an answer to a prayer. We were led by the spirit to find them. The hand of God is in this work!

This week's study of knowledge was one of my favorites. I learned that knowledge only comes bit by bit, "here a little and there a little." Since being on a mission, I have come to love learning and studying the gospel.  I treasure those few hours in the morning to grow in what to teach and what I can apply to my own life.

But at the beginning of my mission, I didn't feel much "growth" from myself.  I thought everything I was putting in was coming right back out, forgotten. Needless to say while teaching lessons Elder Cunningham would turn it over to me, and I would say something that just came to me. Information I thought had been lost continues to come back through the spirit!  I now know for myself that what we learn "in" the spirit will be brought back through the whisperings of that still small voice.

I love this gospel, and love being a missionary!

Elder Eliason

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