Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, December 20, 2010

Joy To the World!

Feeling the Christmas Spirit with Elder Cunningham.

It's a Winter Wonderland!

Mike getting baptized

Merry Christmas from Manchester!


How is everyone? This place was hit yet again with snow and I am loving every minute of it.  If it's going to be freezing, it might as well be snowing too!

But the great news this week is that Mike was baptized and confirmed a member! It wasn't the easiest thing, but he was a champ in the end. He showed up to his baptism 45 minutes early and was overly nervous, at some points even questioning if it was the right day. So we took him into a room, read some scriptures and asked him to say a prayer. He must of felt the spirit, because he stood up and said in his proper Yorkshire accent, "Lets go ahead with the baptism." So we did. And he loved it! Right after we came out of the font he went on about how great he was feeling. It was great! 

And then on Sunday he was confirmed. It had to be the best day to be confirmed, because after church was a buffet full of food for Christmas time. The whole ward gathered for an hour or so and throughout the time Mike was getting congratulated and meeting new people. He is getting off to a great start. "Much goodness" as he always says.

Update on Martin:

Martin moved out of his flat, and is excited for his baptism on the 8th of January. He has been taught everything that is needed, so from now on we are just getting creative! But we continue to see him three times a week, and he is continuing to be a star!

Update on Nadia:

She had a bit of a hiccup in our first lesson this week, asking if she could join when it is "easier" to join.  "Like 20 years from now." Well...we assured her it wouldn't get "easier." Instead, we told her to join, and enjoy the immediate blessings that come from baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost. So she promised to improve, and since has had a new sense of motivation to continue. To help her get off smoking we have been calling her every morning at 9 to give her a "scripture of the day." Its a great way to keep daily contact and help her to continue to feel the spirit!

I would call yesterday "Big News Sunday" because a lot of news came. First off, this is my last week in Wythenshawe! Transfers will be on the 28th. This is because Elder Cunningham has been called to train. And since President Bullock attends our ward, he assured me of the change, but didn't give even a hint of the whereabouts I'm headed, just a, "Elder Eliason, your headed to a place where great things are happening in the mission, and your going to love it there," in his CEO-esk voice. Is he talking about the Isle of Man? I don't know, but we will find out soon enough.

Second we found out from President that we can SKYPE for calls home. General Authorities have sent out info saying that we are allowed to video chat on Skype! Missionary Work is getting revolutionized!  If for some reason I cant find you, or you can't find the web cam, I will just give you a ring after trying. I'm allowed one hour, and will ring you on Skype around 8:00 your time! :)

We also found out that Elder Cunningham will be getting his "Greenie" early.  As in tomorrow at our "Christmas Zone Conference" Because of our longer than usual transfer we will get him early and will be in a threesome for the next week.
This week's study of humility was a great one. I came across a talk given by Elder Steuer in Conference of 2002 titled "Being Teachable". It gave such great insight on the importance of:

1.Having a desire, and willingness to receive instruction.
2 Having the prayerful, and laboring mindset to improve.
3.Being obedient to instruction given.

This is something that has stuck with me. Because the only way you can grow and improve is through learning. And that is through being taught or corrected by anyone, most importantly the spirit. I know as I submit to the whisperings of the spirit I can be led to people that need my help. Or led in ways to learn and "get better."  Because having the spirit is how we access the wonderful blessings of the atonement. And if we do not have the spirit with us, we are leaning on our own understanding and our own strength. I know that can't lead far!  So this week I have committed to be more humble in all things because that is the way in which I can "get up to speed" and become what my Heavenly Father wants me to become.
This past week I have read so many things concerning Jesus Christ's birth! It has made this such a special time. We also have been watching "Joy to the World" with our  investigators. Have you seen it? If not, get it before Christmas!.. but Wow, I love it. We also have been getting SURPLUS amounts of chocolate, and candy from the ward and friends, and it hasn't been easy to abstain. We have fully disregarded the diet until the New Year...Its official...

This week is going to be a great one! We have "Chirstmas Zone Conference" in Chorley tomorrow. We will be able to attend a Temple Session and have dinner inside.. I'm excited!! TALK TO YOU SOON! get that account ready! :)

Elder Eliason

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