Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Ni-hao from Liverpool!!

Hello again family!  This has been a crazy past week. Again, I loved the web cam time, made my year!

Well, I am now in the heart of Liverpool serving in a threesome with Elder Fawcett from Utah and Elder Jin from mainland China. Wow, am I excited! Elder Fawcett is a Chinese speaking missionary that I am follow-up training. Elder Jin is also a Chinese speaking missionary who is still learning English. The new flat that I am in is gorgeous. It's a 3rd story flat with a picturesque view.

The primary focus for us missionaries in this area are the Chinese. We will be working the University in Liverpool almost every day. Seems familiar! Except with a Chinese twist this time. They have seen a lot of success over the past six months and we will be doing all we can to keep that up!

Last night I got to meet a lot of the new Chinese converts at a member's home, and wow, the Chinese people are celestial! They are the nicest and funniest people! This is going to be a great experience.

I'm sorry I cant say much today! We are on a tight schedule with a Coordination Meeting in an hour or so, so I best be off. I'll speak to you again on Monday!  Pictures then!


Here's my new address:

15 Newsham Dr. Flat 7
Tuebrook, Liverpool
L6 7UG

Dad, I don't know if the Koreans are anything like the Chinese, but wow what a blessing it must have been to serve in Korea!

Elder E's  flat at 15 Newsham Drive, at least according to Google Maps

New area: Tuebrook, Liverpool

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