Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thank You President Bullock!

Elder Harris, Liam and yours truly out on the links.

The form is impeccable, the shoes are too.

Elder Harris got something stuck on the iron

Dear Family,

What a memory filled week!

This past Wednesday we had our final Zone Conference with the one and only Bullocks.

Other than President and Sister Bullock's departing testimonies, my favourite part of the entire Zone Conference was when several older missionaries were asked to shortly speak on what the culture of the England Manchester Mission (EMM) has meant to them. It was evidence of just how much of an effect President and Sister Bullock have had on each missionary.

But not just that, he has changed the mission. He has changed many missions. His idea of Quality Gospel Conversations (QGC's) and Power Statements have been adopted by many European Missions. It has made missionaries accountable for finding. And when people become accountable improvement is seen. 

And as President Bullocks favourite Preach My Gospel line says, "Nothing happens in missionary work until you find someone to teach."  QGC's and Power Statements have made street contacted baptisms double, and total lessons increase by 240%. He exemplifies the leader trait, of not just telling someone to "work harder" but to provide a tool that amplifies skills and accelerates the work. That is what President Bullock is all about:  Providing tools.

During the Zone Conference we also played the "How Many?" game. It was a list of questions of how many times they have done something. Like one was how many cookies has Sister Bullock baked in the three years? Another, How many miles has President Bullock driven? We competed in districts, and of course, the RHYL district took the title...

But, that is not all that happened this week!

Update on Liam:

We cooked him some burgers on Saturday for Lunch, then after he started his first fast! I continue to be amazed at his humility, and willingness.

But he is doing so great! He accepted a date for baptism on the 16th of July! It's just a goal, but still so huge! He's come a long way.

We took him out golfing. Liam and I tied. It was a lot of fun...check out the pics.

Every morning we have been jogging over to his area and playing football and basketball in a cage-type thing, with football goals, and a hoop. It has been good for him and for us. He shows us up every time!

Update on Amy:

We taught Amy again yesterday for the third time. And she too accepted a date! She is doing very well, and we continue to see her a lot.

This week we got into a house while tracting and came to find out he was the barefoot skiing champion of the UK. He had pictures of him skiing in Lake Powell...crazy.

I'm sorry this week's letter is so short and all over the place, not much time today, but pics are coming!

In memory of President Bullock I'm attaching the "Sacred Missionary Document," something that has revolutionized this mission. A sacred missionary is something we are striving to "become." Have a look!

"It's not just about going and doing, its about becoming." -- President Bullock. (My favourite quote from him)

I thought I'd include my letter to the President. We send him one every week and this is the last to President Bullock.

President Bullock,

I can't let you leave without telling you how grateful I am for you and your wife!

I am grateful for what you have made of this mission, and what you have made of me.  The day I stepped foot in the mission home I knew what was expected of me. One, to live the "mission vision" and two, to "BECOME" a sacred missionary.

At first I must say, I was a bit sceptical thinking I couldn't live up to it all. I was in a sense scared to change, fearing I wouldn't like what I would become. That all changed when I spent a few days with Elder Moss, and went on a few exchanges. I was able to see in action what this mission can do to someone. I saw missionaries that had a radiant attitude, skills that were refined, and a love for the serving the Lord. I wanted what they had! 

I made the connection and soon came to know that it was through living the mission vision of being Pure In Heart, Exactly Obedient, and a Preach My Gospel missionary.  

Since then I have done all I could to live and exemplify these teachings. They have strengthened my purpose as a missionary. They have helped me form my mission goals of what I want to be and what I want to accomplish.

I am grateful for your example. and your diligence in your calling. I always had confidence that you were working just as hard, if not harder, than we were. I am also grateful for your wonderful wife. She has inspired me through her talks and wonderful analogies! 

In words, I cannot express how grateful I am for your impact on my life. I feel the only way I can show my gratitude is by living, and becoming, all that you taught!

Speak to you soon!


Elder Eliason

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