Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, June 13, 2011

Proud Parent Moment (PPM)


Elder Eliason's parents here. We received a letter a few weeks ago from England. It didn't say on the outside who it was from, but the Queen on the stamp made us very excited. We wanted to share with Elder Eliason's family and friends what it said:

To the family of Elder Eliason, 
Hi there my name is Elder Gallacher and I am very blessed to be serving in the same mission as Elder Eliason.  Last week I was able to be on exchanges with him for a day and the time I spent with him had a deep impact on me, thus I wanted to express my appreciation to you for the way you have affected my life, through him.  Elder Eliason is good at all things in missionary work.  Although he is still quite a young missionary, he has become a leader and is a great example to the mission.  He has a great work ethic and in the time we had together we were running and speaking to everyone about the gospel.  I am grateful to the upbringing that you allowed and caused him to have.  It has helped him become a sacred missionary and has left an impression upon me, all through the example of Elder Eliason. 
Kind regards, 
Elder Gallacher

Such a PPM (proud parent moment). We are so grateful that Elder Gallacher took the time to write us about Cody and are humbled by his kind words. Elder E told us a week later he is one of the Assistants to the President and hails from Scotland.

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