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Cody portrait

Monday, June 6, 2011

Rhyl: A Member Missionary Minded Ward...

Here is my new companion, the 6' 9" Elder Harris from Nephi, Utah. We were in the same MTC group.

Hellooo Family!

I know it has only been a couple of days since I last wrote, but it has been an eventful couple of days at that.

Elder Harris and I have gotten off to a great start. He is just a hilarious missionary that I love working with.  He also is dedicated and ready to work. Nothing else you can ask for. Oh, and he's like 6'9...

This past week was the most teaching we have done in a week yet here in Rhyl. We credit it to the sunshine and the vacationers that have visited Rhyl. Elder Harris and I have been spending  a lot of time on the seafront street contacting people while they sit on the benches overlooking the ocean. In result, on Friday we taught 4 back-to-back lessons on the benches.

The only thing is all of them except one are not in our area, in fact some not even in this country. One was from Romania, another from America,(that was weird). But it's okay, we like being the "referral machines." That's what Rhyl is all about. They come here to be contacted, and go back to be baptised. I know that is true because this past Saturday a woman was baptised in Chester that I street contacted here in the Rhyl town centre.

This past Sunday was the best church service I have ever been apart of, also one of the more unique. Right after sacrament meeting the fire-alarm sounded, in which we all had to evacuate and wait for the fire fighters.  We waited for about 30 minutes, and seemed to be just a minor problem. This situation was a prime time for Elder Harris and I to gain some "member-trust."

So as the fire-fighters were packing up to leave in the parking lot, Elder Harris and I went and chatted with them. We did it just as we would do to someone on the street. They were very nice, and responsive. But declined the invitation to stay and attend church. After we finished, the ward was asking questions about it, and saying "well done."

Reflecting on what happened,  we feel very blessed to have been given that opportunity.  Not to "show-off" to the members or anything, but to show them that we are always working. We are "full-time" missionaries always acting on opportunities that come knocking. That is the key to member work. They are not going to hand over their referrals to the laid back duo who doesn't want to be there. They are going to give their referrals to Elders who they know they can trust with their friends.

But that wasn't it. After heading back in they had everyone gather in the same room for a combined priesthood/relief society meeting. Bad news was that both of the lessons didn't apply to the other. So what do they do? They called on the "nice lads" aka, us, to teach a lesson. It was like an on the spot lesson on the street, just everyone already knows the restoration lesson.

But we did come up with something. We just defaulted to what I did in the Liverpool ward. Teach them all about missionary work, and how to effectively use pass-a-long cards. We started with some "what not to do" role-plays, that they quite enjoyed. Then we taught some principles, and asked for success stories in their lives.

That was the best thing we could of done! That fire for missionary work was heating up big time! They were all sharing simple stories on how they have shared the gospel with their friends. It created a feeling of  "we want more" with all of them!

After it was all over, Elder Harris and I again realized that this was not just a coincidence. This month of June is a special month for member missionary work. A couple of weeks ago the Area Presidency had a letter read, inviting all members to fast for opportunity to bring less-actives and friends to church. They are each to bring one a week! Wow, what an expectation that is, but I will tell you, if anyone will do it. It will be the ward here in Rhyl.  They have always been such a missionary minded ward! 

Update on Liam:

We have taught him three times since we last spoke, and he still is in a stand still. He keeps saying that "I cant believe in a God." He keeps letting doubt creep in and it is getting frustrating, because that is all he is missing.  Just that little bit of faith and he will receive his own witness. Because he is reading everyday, and praying and also continuing to come to church. This next week we will focus on his attitude towards it all, and commit him to open up. 

He just has so much potential, and has been through so much. He's so close to just setting fire and becoming a solid member of the church. It's just that the match is in his hands, and we can only do so much. But we still see him regularly, so we'll see...

Update on Kirsty..

We see her tonight!

What I learned about this week was centered around "Testimony."  One of my favorite scriptures was Revelation 19:10 "The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." It helped me to understand that our testimonies are pure revelation. We cannot have a testimony unless it has been revealed to us through the Holy Ghost. We may base our testimony on someone else, or a miracle that we experienced. But that is like buying an American made car, it just wont last long.

To go along with that I have learned their are many things that we can have a testimony of. That is why our testimony is a continual process. Our testimonies are the very essence of who we are. It's what we believe in, and when it is what we believe in, we form our lives to follow and sustain that belief. 


Elder Eliason

P.S - We have interviews with President Bullock this Wednesday...aka the last time. Sad day.

P.S.S- Go Mavs. All they need to do is pass it the big German, he'll do the rest..

P.S.S.S-  Cant believe the Story Elementary days are over...WOW! I still remember the first time I headed in there with Mom... A LOT off memories at that place.    

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