Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, April 23, 2012

3 Days Serving on The Isle of Man

The ferry ride over from Liverpool Port

The Sayle family, our hosts for the three days on the Isle of Man

Nice follow through eh?

Hello Family!

Elder Fawcett and I just got back from the Isle of Man (circled red island on map), this morning we left the island at 9 and got to Heysham Port at 11, then drove all the way down to Manchester. So with all of that, our P-Day is cut short, but we still have the same duties. So time is quick today...

I'll send some pictures, that will hopefully explain some of the story.

Elder Fawcett and I left Friday evening from Liverpool port, and then stayed the night with the Sayle Family, whom of which are recent converts, and baptised when Elder Cunningham was there a year and a half ago. We stayed with them for all 3 days. They were the greatest family to stay with! So welcoming! I have included a picture of them...

For all of Saturday we went from appointment to appointment and taught 7 lessons. All to either active members, less-actives, or recent converts. Elder Fawcett has served there, so they all were excited to see him. It is incredible to think of the growth of this church. On an isle in the middle of the Irish Sea there is a ward of 80 or so members.

I'll spend most of the time telling you about a miracle we saw happen:

Well first off the entire time, everyone was asking,"Why are you here?"  With Sisters already serving there, they wondered why we would be sent over. All that we told them was what we were told to. We were told to come over and be of service.  

In particular, during a baptismal service we attended, an older woman, leaned over and whispered to me "Why are you two here?" As I began to give the same explanation, she interrupted me gently saying "I know why your here." I replied, "Why?" She then said, "You followed my husband over here. He is living in Liverpool, and is a nonmember. You are here to see him." Amazed, I quickly asked when the best time would be for us to come around that night. She told us to come over at 7 o'clock.  

That night we went over and taught her husband Stephen the Restoration. We quickly found out that he was currently reading the Book of Mormon, and was in the 20th chapter of 1st Nephi. The entire lesson was just powerful. His desire to learn coupled with the heart-felt testimony borne by his wife made for a memorable lesson. He will be returning to Liverpool in one month and will have to then be taught by the Elders in Liverpool, which will be Elder Fawcett. 

All in all, the Isle was great!  Beautiful place. Incredible family to stay with. Great ward.  Great companion....

Elder Eliason

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