Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, February 20, 2012

"We radiate what we are"


The journey begins! Dallin is headed to Colombia! Funny thing is that
yesterday I met a student that is from Colombia--the first Colombian I
have run into on my mission, and it was the day before! But that is
such an exciting call to receive! And speaking that en el Espanol? That
is what I'm talking about! Now we have a full-time spokesman for us
every time we go to Taco Bell, ordering just got so much easier. And
those pics Dallin sent...Gorgeous. And that Chiva bus thing? I
dream of being able to bus contact on something like that! haha... This
takes me back to when I got my call and all the feelings that come
with it, I'm excited for you D!  I'll email you here in a sec...

Well, it's taken me about 30 minutes to take in everything about
Dallin's call...I just can’t get over it. So my highlights from the
week are going to have to be quick:

We now have one progressing investigator! His name is Ben and how we
found him starts with Elder Moss and Elder Nielson a few weeks ago.
They sat down with the Bishop and asked him to pray about an area that
they should focus on. Using his keys he gave them a little side part
of Preston. 

The second day that I was here, we tracted out a road in
that area, and met Ben. He at first was not interested, but after
awhile he allowed us to come back in a few days. Well, we did and we
first asked him what it was that caught his attention about our
message. He said "It was you, you both have a presence about what you
believe in. You have a confidence in yourselves and in life, and that
is what I want." 

To hear that was humbling and a great way to start
of the lesson that we had. Ben is in his late 20s and used to be a
big into Martial Arts, until he was hit with an illness that Doctors
have no diagnosis for. This illness has brought him down in life and has
caused him to start asking questions, and desiring to find the "right
path." He's always talking about the "right path." We have now taught
him two lessons and he is picking up on it all really well. Ben is
big into science and says that it is a battle to push away his
agnostic views that he has grown up with. Another great thing that
happened in our second lesson is that we offered a Priesthood
blessing, and he was all for it. It was a special experience.

This past week we also had Zone Conference! President Preston
presented his Mission Vision to the mission and it definitely created
a "buzz" of excitement for what is to come.

Elder Nielson and I trained over QGC's (Quality Gospel Conversations) and handling objections whilst finding. I have a great passion for finding and every time we train
on it, I do my best to get that passion across. Especially for all of
these new missionaries who have not had those experiences yet.

Quote of the week:

“There is another responsibility correlated and even co-existent with… agency, which is too infrequently emphasized, and that is the effectnot only of a person’s actions, but also of his thoughts. Man radiateswhat he is, and that radiation affects to a greater or less[er] degreeevery person who comes within that radiation” 
--David O. Mckay
This is response to the comment that Ben made of us.  WE RADIATE WHAT WE ARE.

Have a great week!


Elder Eliason

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