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Cody portrait

Monday, December 5, 2011

Failed Driver Test...Doing the Haka for Christmas Party

Hello Family!

I cannot believe it is December, but I am loving this time of year! The lights and the Christmas tree are up, and Josh Groban is on repeat...

So I can get the bad news out of the way… I failed my test, yep...failed. Why? Because I was going too slow. Yep I guess I was being a little too cautious? Who knew that could even happen. When I got there I found out I was being tested by the head honcho,“Wayne the Pain” as they call him (no joke). He was the one I went with, and he failed me with the reasons of “undue hesitation, and slow progress.” My instructor said it was a bogus way to fail a test and he hadn’t seen anything like it...haha. But it's all OK, I'm going to take it again in a couple of weeks.

As for the good news… well, everything else that has happened..

Yes!  I did see Sam last night at the mission home. She and some of the Chinese missionaries and about 12 Chinese either investigators or recent converts sang, “I Believe in Christ” and “As I have Loved You.” It was really good. You’ll have to call up Sam and have her do an encore.

To the fireside we took Nicky and Mathew. They have just really needed to hear the testimonies of other converts. And let me tell you what, it was the best mission home fireside I have been to yet. President had some recent converts share some testimonies, and then we had Elder Kerr of the Seventy speak to us. He is one of the most passionate people you would ever meet. He didn’t even need the microphone. He shared some powerful stories that were geared towards Nicky’s concerns. Afterward, in the car ride home she just kept saying home much she loved it.

At the fireside I not only saw Sam, but I saw many other people from Liverpool, and Wythenshawe that I haven’t seen in ages. It just takes you back to all the memories that you have from an area.  

On Tuesday we had Zone Conference up in Chorley. In the afternoon we were able to go through the temple. This was just after I had failed my driving test and I was still a bit agitated. But the temple just worked its magic and put that all in the backseat. I was able to leave that all outside and put things back into perspective. I don’t know if I was supposed to go through that so I could gain that understanding of what the temple can do or what, but I do know that whatever may be going on in our lives the temple can align our priorities and give us the confidence to tackle all things that the world throws at us. Even a driving test. Haha!

Chiorstadh or as I have said before “Kirsty”, (Yep that is how it is spelt, it’s Welsh) is firing on all cylinders.  This week we taught her twice, Law of Chastity, and Alma 47. She has been keeping all of her commitments, and went again to YSA this Tuesday. She came to church and loved it. And even invited her friend and sister to come along. Although they didn’t accept, she is already exemplifying the member-missionary purpose, which is to “invite” others to partake in the gospel. How is your missionary work going during this Christmas season? 

We are having a Tea with her at a members home where there are two YSA in the family, and after that we are watching “Prophet of the Restoration.”  Cannot wait!

This week I was on two exchanges and whilst I was in Wrexham I was able to teach Mary, who is a Chinese YSA investigator that they have been teaching for a couple weeks and has been coming to church. The great thing about Mary is that I street contacted her the last time I was in Wrexham! It was so great to see her, and she remembered me so well. She even thanked me for stopping her that day. Oh what a blessing it is to see the fruits of your labours! We had such a powerful lesson, and she even accepted a baptismal date. She had been describing the feelings she had been having whilst coming to church and praying, and so we showed her where those feelings come from. We used Helaman 5: 30, 45-47 to let the Book of Mormon do the teaching and help her understand that those feelings come from the Holy Ghost. You could tell that it had touched her, and so we then extended a date, and that is when she said I know it’s right, and accepted. 

Everything else is going very well!

This week we have our ward Christmas party. We have been assigned to be the “Half-Time show” of sorts. We are doing the Haka...Enough said…

Have a great week!


Elder Eliason
I would of had some pictures for ya'll, but the Library has lost the card week!

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