Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Spirit is in the air here in Chester!

Doing the Haka for Christmas program

Elder Rapata, the Kiwi

Singing Away in a Manger to the tune of "Come thou Font of Every Blessing.

This is our Beatles Abbey Road album cover shot (below)...except we are going the opposite direction

Howdy Family!

It is good to hear that the tree is up! The Christmas spirit is in the air here in Chester and it is making for a lot of fun.

Elder Hopper and I were on exchanges for the weekend, and we decided to carol whilst we tracted. It turned out to be a good idea, as we set an appointment with 5 people in under an hour’s time. It must be the southern accent...

Speaking of singing, this week we had our Ward Christmas Party. Nicky and Mathew, and Kirsty were able to come and enjoy a good time. All of us missionaries ended the night with “Away in a Manger” to the tune of “Come thou Fount”. I tell you, it's like we are on contract or something, because after singing in sacrament meeting we have been asked to sing in the Christmas Party, Primary Christmas Social, and the Christmas Carol Concert on Christmas Eve. I’m not complaining. It’s a great way to get “established” in the ward. 

At the Chirstmas Party we were also assigned by the Elders Quorum to come up with 5 minutes of “entertainment.” And as I told you last week we decided to bring out the Haka.  Let me just tell you it was a show stopper. Elder Rapata trained us well, and we performed! It was a lot of fun and the ward really enjoyed it. Nicky even said that we made a childhood dream come true. She is a big Rugby fan and has always wanted to see a live Haka. Well, dream accomplished… in a church celebrating Christmas time. Haha. We are doing round 2 in the mission home this Wednesday, as President has asked every companionship to prepare a skit for our “Christmas in the Mission Home.”   

We, being the Chester Zone will be going to the Mission Home for a Christmas Dinner, some “White Elephant” gift exchanges, a training that Elder Rapata and I will give, and whatever else President has planned. Should be fun.  


Nicky and Mathew are doing so good! They are all ready for their baptism this upcoming Saturday! Nicky has had such a big change in her countenance and is opening up so much to the ward. Mathew has just been her rock through the teaching process, as he has been determined to be baptised since our first lesson. 

Through reading the Book of Mormon and attending church every week since we started teaching her in September she has gained a testimony that what she is hearing is true. 

Kirsty is also on fire. She is ready and excited for her baptism this upcoming Saturday as well.  She has been going to all YSA activities, and has been so pro-active in everything... lessons, keeping commitments, etc. Since her experience of gaining a testimony of the reality of God she has just sailed through the teaching process. She is just so teachable and humble to the teachings.  

So as you can see, this could be quite the eventful weekend!  We are planning on having all three of them baptised at the same service.

This week I have pondered a lot over Alma 43:45-50

Such a great example of what leadership is all about. One can only think the words that Captain Moroni said to “inspire the hearts” of his soldiers. I would imagine him to be a powerful example that the soldiers all looked to and knew cared for them. We are all leaders in our own way, and what we do, people notice. You are always teaching through your example!

I'm sorry that I couldn’t spend as much time as I would like on this letter. Pictures take up quite a bit of time! 

Plan on Skype! That’s how I will call home on Christmas...

Love you all!

Elder Eliason

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