Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, March 12, 2012

"We get our answers from the scriptures"

My companion Elder Nielson

The District Leaders and their
companions at our District Leaders Council

Lake District photo

The Lake District--didn't think this type of topography existed in England...Beautiful!

Hiya Fam,

This has been a great week, and I'll tell you why...Ben came to
church! We taught him twice as usual this past week, and again they
were remarkable lessons. The first lesson we taught him about faith,
and the Atonement. Our goal was to help him see how the Atonement
could help him in his situation. It went really well, with a lot of
discussion. One of the things that he enjoys is when we answer his
questions with the scriptures. He is just so in line with some
principles, that scriptures just keep popping into your head, so we
look them up. Mainly through that I would say he has himself seen
the importance of the Book of Mormon. I have learned that when
investigators see that we get our answers from the scriptures, they
then turn to it when they have their concerns when we are not there.
At the end of the day that is the goal, to help them acquire an
independent testimony strongly rooted in the keystone of all that we
profess, the Book of Mormon.

The next lesson we taught he was feeling a little bit better. We
watched with him some of the "Mormon Messages" in particular the one
of the father that lost his family in a car crash. It is an inspiring
story of a man who uses the Atonement in his life. It created a
strong spirit and great atmosphere for the rest of the lesson. Our
fellowshipper, Bro. James, who was just newly called to the bishopric,
was able to realate to him with many personal experiences...
Throughout the lesson Ben again was able to identify the spirit, he
continues to say that "this warmth, this feeling is what is turning my
life around."  Ben is just someone who gets it, we dont have to keep
teaching the same principles over and over, he is doing so well!

At the end of the lesson, we talked about church and he said he would
fight through the pain and tiredness and come. And he did! Although
not sleeping at all through the night he came to church and stayed the
three hours. After asking what he thought about the sacrament
meeting.  He replied, "Blown away." He explained how being in a group
of people has helped him to realize just how much he needs to learn...
he was inspired by all the people that were greeting him. It was
truly a spiritually uplifting experience for Ben.

This week we also had Specialized Trainings in Chorley, which was
where the Preston Zone met. Elder Nielson and I trained on
"Progressing Investigators to Baptism." We showed a Mormon Message
video, shared many personal experiences, shared some tools, and had
a great discussion with the Zone. Giving trainings is one of my
favorite things as a missionary.  From that alone I feel I have grown
so much as a person.

This week I have had a big study on using time wisely, and the power
of self-mastery. I read a few talks this past week that really hit
home, and I have seen the results as I have applied myslelf to be even
better with the use of my time. It is an interesting study, and one I
have enjoyed.

You asked a little bit about what the Address Unknown File (A.U.F) project is. It is a
project that is projected to take 10 years to fully complete, and is
being run in the U.K.  I am not sure if anyone else is doing it,
possibly. But basically there are many less-actives in the U.K and
the Europe Presidency are making a big push to find the "Lost Sheep."
When somebody moves or cannot be located, ward clerks have moved them
to the Address Unknown File, and overtime it has built up A LOT of
names. Now since launching this "Find the Lost Sheep" campaign, the church has
now payed a company of some sorts to find their current address, and
then they get passed onto the companionship in that area. Every two
months we get a new batch of names...In Swinton and here in Preston we have seen it work well.

President Preston and Sister Preston talked to me after trainings this
week about coming home to see Dallin. I asked for their advice, and
they said that If I were your parents, I would want you to come home
and take advantage of that opportunity. We talked more about it, and
it 's something that I felt good with. He also emailed me today
saying that he had changed my date to June 30th. So as for now that
is what it will be.

Quote of the week:

This is found engraven at the top of the Preston Library...


That is truth. See D&C 130:18
18 Whatever principle of intelligence we attain unto in this life, it
will rise with us in the resurrection.

Possibly my favorite part of that phrase is the word "may." This
relates to "agency," and how the choice is ours.


Elder Eliason

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  1. Love it ..what a studly cousin !! Can't wait to see him but what great experiences he's having! AwesOme!