Cody portrait

Cody portrait

Monday, November 7, 2011

Keeping Busy in Chester!


Oh hello!

Time is short this week, as Elder Cunningham and I will be heading to Bangor this afternoon for an exchange, but I'll get in as much as I can!


Nicky has really caught on this week. After last week, I didn’t really know where she was at. But this week she has been pro-active and is feeling much better about baptism, and overcoming her fears. Matthew is a great motivator for her, and is really helping her along. 

Barbara Lawson is doing marvelous as always. We continue to see her 3 times a week, and that has really helped her to get into a groove of keeping commitments. She also came to church this past week even though her boiler broke in the morning! We then took her up to the Mission Home fireside last night and she really enjoyed it. 

We went up to the fireside also with Lorna, and President Burgon (mission presidency, he is serving in our ward). Lorna came to the mission home fireside to bear her testimony, as President Preston asks a few each time to do so. And Lorna did very well. One of the things she said has stuck with me.

Speaking about the first time we met her, she thought we were crossing the road to ask her for directions.  After setting the scene she added: “They we’re not coming to ask me the way, they were coming to show me the way, the true way.”

I cannot tell you how many times she just whips out these great lines. She has such a firm testimony in the gospel, and she has no problem in sharing it either. She has shared her conversion story with just about every person in the Abbey Fieldhouse Apartment complex; she tells us the stories every time we come over. She even met someone who had investigated the church a couple years back. I tell you what, she is a solid missionary!

We celebrated Halloween inside this past week, but enjoyed having many trick-or-treater’s come to the door. 
This week I was on exchange with Elder Birliba from Moldova. Almost exactly a year ago we were on an exchange in Wythenshawe. It was a great experience to see how much growth comes to a missionary in a years time. I hope that I too can continue to desire to learn, and become better day by day.

Just know that I love my time here, and miracles happen. I continue to see them here in Chester!


Elder Eliason

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