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Cody portrait

Monday, October 10, 2011

Rowell Gets Baptized...Zone Leader Council

Rowell's baptism

Zone Leader Council


It’s been a great half-week for us here in Chester. But with many meetings, planning, and a baptism there hasn’t been much time for proselyting. But there are some things I can update you on!

Rowell was baptised this past Saturday! It was so great! It was such a special day for the family, and all who attended. At the end of the service, Rowell got up and bore his testimony. It was a powerful experience that I am glad to have been apart.

On Friday we spent the entire day up at the Mission Home for Zone Leader Council. I was asked to give training on setting personal goals, and then the importance of accounting. I explained the “How” and the “Why.” How we are to set them, and how we are to account. But the greater part was focused on the “Why.” I talked about how we as missionaries are pretty good at the how and what. For example, we for the most part understand how we are to be obedient. But I think sometimes we lose focus on the “Why”. We can get into a routine and just know that’s how it is supposed to be done...With this being the case, I explained “why” it is that we set goals as missionaries. It went very well!   
We were able to teach Nicky since Wednesday. We taught her a lesson centered upon the atonement. This is a result to her most recent concern of how she feels that God doesn’t lover her. We brought some very good fellowshippers, who shared great personal experiences and testimonies. We then followed-up on the Word of Wisdom.  She had made some progress and was trying different kinds of Tea. She may not show it, but she knows it is true, and is working on keeping it.

Yesterday we were able to take her and her son Mathew up to the Mission Home Fireside. The Fireside was purely just recent converts sharing there conversion story and their testimony. One of them was Kate! Do you remember her?  She was the woman I taught right before leaving Rhyl! Wow, she is doing so well! It was so great to be there and to see her! 

One of the testimonies was just perfect for Nicky. It was a woman from Liverpool who had overcome addictions and had gained a testimony of the Word of Wisdom. 
Lorna was able to come to Rowell's baptism and loved it!  She has had a lot on her plate this past week because she hasn't been able to contact any of her family.  It's been quite a while since she has been able to.  Well, she said a prayer and that very night she got an email! When I was on the phone she said, "That's just the power of prayer."... she is just so great! Also, the Assistants came to Rowell's baptism and got to know Lorna. In their planners they wrote down her as a member in order to remember her.  They couldn't believe it when we told them she is an investigator!

I am short on time and I am sorry!

Love, Elder Eliason

P.S I met a girl from Highland Park while I was in Bangor…crazy!

P.S.S Go out and eat at an Indian restaurant…all I have been eating lately is good! Try it, taste it, and get back to me… 

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